Quick sale of an apartment in Warsaw

Szybka sprzedaż mieszkania w Warszawie

Quick sale of an apartment in Warsaw. For an apartment, even in Warsaw, to be sold quickly, it should first of all be properly presented. The contact between the seller and the buyer is not without significance. At the very beginning, such an apartment for sale should be properly prepared. What is of little importance to us, irrelevant, a potential buyer may scare off, so it is worth paying attention to the details. Due to the fact that we are usually in some way emotionally connected with the apartment, it is difficult for us to look at it objectively, so it is worth consulting an outsider who will notice flaws and problems more easily and, above all, is not emotionally related.

Before we start advertising our apartment for sale, let’s organize the documents. Remember to have a copy of the notarial deed confirming that we are the owner of the apartment being sold, the buyer will definitely want to see this document. It is worth settling all overdue payments, and even try to obtain a certificate that we are not in arrears with bills for the premises. The next step is to estimate the value of the apartment. We want to sell as expensive as possible, and the client wants to buy as cheaply as possible, the overestimated offer can very effectively discourage the buyer.

The location of the apartment affects its sale

We must also get rid of memories and sentiments, because they can make the valuation process very difficult. When determining the price of an apartment for sale, its location should be taken into account. Certainly, too much distance to the store, public transport, school or kindergarten will not have a positive effect on the price. The lack of a parking space is also a disadvantage. It is worth getting acquainted with the valuations of similar properties in the area, as well as learning about the plans for the expansion of the surrounding infrastructure, so that we can answer the question whether something is planned nearby, comprehensively and truthfully. Preparing an apartment for sale is the next step. At this point, it is worth using the help of an interior designer, because apartments, also in Warsaw, are bought with the eyes.

Such a specialist will look at the apartment with a sober eye and suggest what we can do, to make them more attractive to a potential buyer. The designer will advise us which colors and accessories to use to bring out the potential of the apartment. There is no dispute that an apartment prepared for sale must be clean, preferably freshly painted. A dirty bathroom, dust on the cabinets, walls scratched with crayons can very quickly discourage a potential customer. Not everyone can find the beauty of the interior under the detachable patches of paint, a thick layer of cobwebs. Only when we are sure that we have avoided the above-mentioned errors can we start photographing the apartment, posting notices and waiting for potential customers. When taking pictures of rooms, special care should be taken. These should not be photos taken with the phone. You have to take care of proper lighting.

When selling an apartment, remove personal items

Another element is the removal of personal belongings. The apartment should be depersonalized. It is especially difficult for the owners, who have spent many years or even their entire lives in this interior. Depersonalization of the apartment consists in removing all elements and personal accessories that emphasize the belonging of the property to the owner. Such accessories are, for example, family photos hung on the walls or placed on shelves. They can be personal souvenirs, and even magnets on the fridge, which for a stranger and uninitiated person will be an ordinary mess. When preparing an apartment for sale, we take out, remove and throw away everything that is unnecessary during the sale. An appropriate atmosphere when presenting the apartment is important. Certainly there will be no favorable noise, noise, barking dog.

When selling an apartment, take care of a good atmosphere

The smells are also important, frying cutlets or sauerkraut will not have a positive effect on the aesthetic value of the apartment. Uncomfortable viewers considerably lower the likelihood that they will be seriously considering the purchase. Ideally, while potential buyers are viewing the house, there should be no children, no pets, and most importantly no mess. It happens that sellers are not prepared to meet a potential buyer. They cannot answer questions about building a house or its maintenance costs. During the presentation of the apartment, you need to be available and open, because buyers will most often want to see the premises in the afternoon or on weekends.

We must properly organize the time so as not to rush the viewers, not to keep them “at the door”, because the former they haven’t left the apartment yet. Even if you have reasons to be in a bad mood, try to control your emotions. Create a pleasant atmosphere and answer subsequent questions without discouragement. Do not turn on the TV or light a cigarette, it is important to respect the interlocutor. Good contact with the client translates into his trust in the contractor.