Telephone – an inseparable gadget of every human being

Telefon - nieodłączny gadżet każdego człowieka
Telephone – an inseparable gadget of every human being. Smartphones in today’s world have dominated our lives. Hardly anyone can imagine life without a phone. We have everything in it, plans for the day, photos, videos, we have conversations, we support bank accounts, we use discount applications for many stores. When we forget our phone, we feel totally lost and we don’t know what to do with our free time. We can see the dangers of the constant use of a smartphone, but it’s hard for us to give it up.

A must in everyone’s life

The smartphone has become a very intimate tool in which we hide the whole world. That is why we take care of it so much when buying protective films for the phone or covers. The price of these devices also influences the fact that we try to protect them against damage. Telephones facilitate many activities of everyday life. First of all, we stay in touch with our relatives and friends, even those who live far away from us. Instant messaging allows you to connect with people living abroad for free. Finding places is also not difficult today, because we have navigation that will lead us to any chosen place.

The phone is of course also a number of favorite applications that make our lives easier. Having banking applications, we calmly follow our finances and on the way to work we can pay bills or make necessary transfers. If you forget your ATM card, you can easily pay by phone. Most of us also have shopping applications of popular retail chains that allow you to familiarize yourself with the offer and receive special discounts. Some networks offer the possibility of collecting points that can later be exchanged for interesting prizes. Many people use their phones to exercise by installing special programs. The smartphone also helps to count steps or calories consumed. As you can see, the phone is our whole world, so the protective film for the phone is a must that will keep our device in great condition.

Time taker

Unfortunately, the smartphone, in addition to its positive effect, also has many disadvantages that negatively affect our lives. First of all, it steals our precious time and everything revolves around it. Many people can choose new cases or protective films for the phone for hours . One of the Polish celebrities has recently decided to show how much time a day she spends on the phone. The data is shocking, because although he works a lot using a smartphone, almost 10 hours a day is a huge amount. I wonder how much would we get out?

The phone makes us prefer to view various information in it, talk virtually and forget about the surrounding reality. More and more often we see pictures that groups of people sitting in a restaurant use phones instead of talking to each other. We very often want to teach our children not to be on the phone all the time, but just speaking is not enough. We have to start with ourselves first and put the phone down sometimes. Our children, partners and loved ones need our attention. The phone and everything related to it can wait.

Camps without a phone

When the phone and taking care of it – protective film on the phone is more important than anything else, it is no wonder that initiatives such as camps for children without smartphones are created. Students go to such camps and cannot take the phone with them, parents have contact with children through their guardians. Although many children do not like the idea of ​​such a trip at the beginning, they come back very pleased with it.

For a week or two, young people are cut off from the phone, and at first you can see how much they miss it. Later, however, they are drawn into outdoor games, sports competitions or simply spending time with their peers, that they no longer need a smartphone to have fun. Children very often do not have a chance to see what life is like without a phone. Even as little ones, they are attacked by this colorful virtual world and watching adults see it as the best possible toy. On such a trip, it may turn out that life without a phone is possible and much more interesting.


Not only children need a phone detox. We too could use such a respite as adults. Sometimes an accident may decide for us that we will not be able to use our smartphone – broken glass, damaged tempered glass or a protective film on the phone will make us forget about the device for a moment. Let’s use this time well. We should also remember that there is life beyond the telephone.

When going to a meeting with friends, let’s not take the phone on the table, put it in your bag and silence it. Let’s focus on our interlocutor, then we will learn something interesting and have a good time. When taking care of a child, let’s not tell him that we don’t have time and don’t keep looking at the phone. This lack of attention makes our kids feel sad. A successful evening is also not the same with a mobile phone, which is what partners often do. Let’s make a rule that when we are together we do not use the phone, which will certainly have a very positive effect on our relationship.