Buying an apartment from a developer – do it wisely

Kupno mieszkania od dewelopera - rób to z głową
Buying an apartment from a developer – do it wisely. When planning to buy a house or flat, each person faces a difficult task. Should you decide to buy real estate on the secondary market, or maybe buy an apartment from a developer? If you are here, you have certainly already made decisions after you plan to buy an apartment from the developer you become the first owner of. This solution has many advantages.

First of all, you have the ability to precisely control all elements, such as electrical wiring, floor and wall level control, or the seating of windows and doors. Secondly, such a flat from the developer can arrange it in its own way, starting with the color of the walls, through accessories, ending with the floors and layout of the rooms. How to buy an apartment from a developer and not go crazy? A few words about it below.

Search for your developer

Finding a good developer is quite a challenge. It is best to start searching for them on the Internet, from the many advertising possibilities they choose this option most often, due to its range. For an overview of the general situation, it is good to look at the offers of several developers operating in the area of ​​your interests. When looking for development companies, it is worth using popular websites with advertisements that offer not only real estate from the secondary market, but also those present on the primary housing market. If you have already decided on a given company, choose one of the locations that suit you best, where it currently conducts investments.


The next stage of purchasing a development apartment in Warszawa Bemowo  is contacting him. you can talk to him initially by phone, but a better solution is to make an appointment in person. During such meetings, issues related to the requirements for the apartment, its size, layout or floor on which it is to be located should be raised. It is also worth asking when the investment is planned to be completed, as it may turn out that you are not able to wait for your dream apartment, for example up to 5 years. Also ask for the price of the apartment you are interested in. Very often, premises located on the ground and first floors are cheaper than those on the upper floors. It is worth remembering this.


After meeting with the developer representative , give yourself time to think about this decision. After all, housing is not bought every day. If you decide that the location, price and delivery date suit you, contact the developer again with a request for a flat design and an information brochure containing the most important information about the investment. It is also worth asking for a draft development agreement so that you can read it calmly.

Sign documents and get financial resources

When you are sure about buying an apartment from a given developer, you can sign a developer agreement with him, which will include all your rights and obligations. It is a good practice to consult an attorney before signing it to have its terms checked. If you plan to finance the purchase of an apartment from the developer with a mortgage, you will also need to sign a reservation agreement. On its basis, a bank loan will be granted. It is associated with a reservation fee ranging from several to several thousand zlotys. If the buyer does not obtain a loan, it is forfeited. However, if you finance the purchase of an apartment for cash, it is worth knowing that paying the entire amount in advance allows you to very often get attractive discounts of up to 5%. It is always worth negotiating with the developer, because usually the offer price differs from the final market price of the flat, and the developer himself always assumes a surplus for any discounts when determining the starting price for a given flat. When signing a developer contract, it is worth paying special attention to the deadlines for handing over the apartment and the date of handing over the keys. Contrary to what most people think, these terms very often do not coincide in time.

After completing all the formalities related to signing the contract, obtaining funds and making an advance payment. All that remains is to wait for the apartment to be built by the developer. The waiting period, depending on the size of the investment and location, may last from one to even 5 years. That is why it is worth being patient.

Perform an apartment pickup and sign a property transfer agreement.

When the apartment is built and the date of receipt is on the calendar, it’s time to complete the last steps related to the purchase of the apartment from the developer. The technical acceptance is nothing more than a visual inspection of the apartment and the assessment of its performance in terms of compliance with the presented project and a developer contract. It is worth hiring professionals for this activity to be absolutely sure that everything is fine with your new apartment in Praga Południe . On the other hand, the transfer of property rights takes place by issuing a notarial deed at a notary. It has costs, but it’s really the last step to getting your own home.