How to check if a car has a fault – a handful of advice from professionals

Jak sprawdzić, czy auto ma usterkę - garść porad od profesjonalistów
Most people, from a young age, have their own car. It is quite popular because now most of us cannot imagine getting around without being able to drive a car. Sometimes, however, any car can break down, be it new or very old, and that’s when it is useful to contact a good car repair shop .

When do you know you need to visit a car repair shop?

Not everyone knows cars and it is probably quite obvious. Car mechanics is quite difficult, especially since we have dozens of car manufacturers in the world and we always deal with different engines for each brand. Therefore, we are not able to see and detect what kind of defect we are always dealing with, but we can check whether our car is in good condition and whether it should be taken to a garage . We should use our eyesight, smell, and hearing to check if everything is okay. This way we will know when something is wrong.

Let’s start with our eyesight, here we will be able to mainly notice whether the car is too lowered in some place, or maybe it jumps too much in holes, or when braking it lowers very much or wobbles very much in the corners. If you notice that something is wrong, you should immediately go to a garage with the car, where a mechanic will check what parts are to be replaced and what is really going on. It is also worth observing the color of the exhaust gas coming out of the exhaust pipe from time to time.

If it is dark, black, blue or white, you should also go to a mechanic very quickly. If we delay our visit to a specialist, it may turn out that further parts will be damaged in the car and the repair will be more and more expensive for us. We should also check if there are no leaks under the car, and if there are, where exactly under the engine and what color the fluid is. We can also touch the stain and see what it is, how thick it is and how it smells. Maybe this information for a person who does not know mechanics will not do much, but in a car repair shop, it can be very important information.

The smell is right

When it comes to the sense of smell, it can sometimes be wrong for us, so we should smell every strange smell for a long time to clearly state that it is from our car. When driving on the streets, we may receive smells from other cars, or simply the smells of the city. Every strange smell should be a sign to us. It may mean that it is only in the air conditioning or something disturbing is happening, but it should not be a serious fault. However, it can also be a sign for us that there is some fluid leakage in the engine that is getting too hot and this can be very dangerous.

And we are left with hearing. It is known that each engine may sound slightly different and in older cars, especially popular in our country, the engine will not sound perfect, but if we have a working car, it is worth remembering how it sounds more or less when we are inside and outside of it. Then, if something happens, something breaks, we will be able to hear it and it will immediately be a sign for us that we will visit the car repair shop. It can be knocking, snarling, slamming, rubbing and so on. Any noise other than the one our engine makes normally should be a warning sign. Even a louder engine sound should be a sign to us that it is worth going to a mechanic and examining what it is all about.

Signs from the car

Each car is also equipped with so-called indicators which are displayed on the car’s dashboard as a sign to the driver that something disturbing may be happening to the car and some part needs repair. Sometimes it will only mean that it’s time to add some liquid to the car and you can continue driving safely, but sometimes it can be a sign of a more serious fault. This is a really good solution for people who do not know about cars.

Sometimes it can be just something harmless and even an element that does not need to be repaired, because it is not necessary for us to move the car. Nevertheless, it is always worth checking in a car repair shop everything that seems strange, unnatural and that will worry us. If we do not pay attention to minor faults, the car can break down faster and faster and each subsequent broken part may be the result of the fact that we have not repaired another element of the car before. This approach is very wrong and in this way we can get rid of something that we sometimes worked for many years.