How to choose a good car rental?

Jak wybrać dobrą wypożyczalnie samochodów?
How to choose a good car rental?  Car rental is not something new or unheard of in Poland, although it is not yet very popular with a wider audience. Every day we do not think about renting a car and hardly anyone keeps the business card of their favorite rental company in their wallet. Renting a car remains in the sphere of ad hoc interest and we use this option only when we have no other choice.

The belief that own car is the best means of transport still prevails in Poland. However, you should consider experimenting with different car rental companies, because if you are going abroad on a long trip with friends, a rental car may prove to be the cheapest and most convenient option. Of course, if we manage to find an offer that suits our needs.

What to look for when choosing a car rental company?

It is worth mentioning at the outset that the choice of the rental company should be primarily dictated by our individual needs. However, there are some general guidelines that will allow us to distinguish good and honest car rental companies from those that are merely trying to get as much money as possible from their customers by smuggling in as many tricks as possible in their contracts that are difficult to follow.

The first important element is to pay attention to the reputation of the rental company and the length of the company’s existence on the market. Thanks to Internet access, we can quickly and easily find out how a given rental is perceived by customers. It is worth paying attention to opinions on various websites, especially those in which there are specific information about cars, how to calculate fees, deposits or contract details. If there is little information about the company and it has been operating on the market for a long time, we should treat it with reserve. If you are planning a long vacation trip, it is also a good idea to pay attention to travel blogs. Sometimes they contain information helpful in choosing a good rental company (of course, we should be careful with sponsored content).

Car selection

When we more or less create a database of rental companies that interested us, we should take a look at the fleet of vehicles that a given company offers. First of all, it is worth finding out if the car always undergoes a technical inspection before renting. While we can always check the exterior of the car, what is under the hood remains a mystery to us. Nobody would like a car to break down on the road, especially if we are going on vacation and we have a very carefully prepared plan.

The number and condition of cars offered by rental companies is also important. If a given company has a large number of new cars, we can assume that it has adequate funds for their maintenance.

All information about a given car and its technical condition should be included in the contract. We should insist that the description of the car’s condition is as accurate as possible. In this way, we will avoid the accusation that any scratches, scratches or stains on the seat were caused by our fault. Dishonest rental companies try to take advantage of the customer’s inexperience or haste to later be able to deduct additional amounts from the deposit.


When we sign a contract with the rental company, we sign a civil law contract. We should not sign the document in a hurry, unless we are regular customers of a given rental company and we know exactly on what terms we rent a car. Otherwise, rush is our greatest enemy. When we don’t have our favorite rental shop, we should always read the contract carefully and not be afraid of negotiations. We can negotiate and modify the offer at any time.

As mentioned before, we should first check that the condition of the rented vehicle is accurate. Later, check the amount and repayment date. It is worth calculating the total amount in advance, taking into account the estimated fuel consumption. Next, let’s pay attention to the documents that are provided with the keys. You should also pay attention to what the basic insurance covers and whether we should buy an additional insurance package (the choice of insurance depends on where we are going).

One important part of the contract is who can drive the vehicle. Some rentals allow you to enroll two drivers in the contract, while others do not allow it or it is additionally payable. We should also pay attention to whether the rental companies allow you to extend the rental without additional charges. This is useful when we are going on a longer trip and we don’t know exactly when we will be back. Another option that is available at some large rental companies is the possibility to return the vehicle to another branch of the company, without having to return to the branch where we rented the car. It is very convenient.