WordPress website design

Projektowanie stron WordPress

WordPress website design takes place in five stages. Choosing a CMS, finding a domain, choosing a hosting plan, finding the perfect theme and setting up your website.

What is CMS?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS). It is currently the most popular system of this type. Thanks to this software, we can easily manage the content, e.g. images, videos and articles. The dashboard is very easy to use. It is preferred by many users. Its biggest competitors are Drupal and Joomla. However, these CMS types have slightly more complex functions than WordPress. Therefore, they are better suited for advanced users. WordPress is the perfect solution for beginners.

Why Choose WordPress?

Ease of use isn’t the only reason WordPress is so popular. It is also a powerful tool that can be safely used to create just about any website. It will work both when designing a small blog, as well as an online store or even a social network.

WordPress also has a huge user community. They constantly create themes, plugins and add-ons. Thanks to this, the CMS is very functional.

How does the theme work on the site?

If we want to check how a given site supports a WordPress theme, let’s check the source code. It doesn’t matter if we are programmers, graphic designers or web designers, it is important to locate the style.css file and find its url using the source code view.

We often wonder if free or premium themes will be better. Each solution has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits of free WordPress themes

If you decide on a free theme, only choose one that is in the official WordPress theme directory. Let us not download and install a theme from an unknown source.

Of course, its most important advantage is that we don’t have to pay. This way, starting blogging at least from the very beginning is very cheap.

Many people are careful. We can often think they are inferior to premium quality. However, this is not true. Free Themes meet a high quality standard. Before they are listed in the official WordPress directory, they must undergo a rigorous review process.

In this motive check team, everyone is very talented. They check and test these themes.

Free WordPress themes are tested for compliance with standard features, support for common WordPress features, HTML and CSS quality, security and privacy.

Disadvantages of free WordPress themes

Unfortunately, we have limited support options here. Developers don’t have to answer support questions at all.

Unfortunately, the functionality of WordPress, and thus its functions, is limited. Even though free themes offer most of the standard features, many of them don’t offer additional features, such as creating buttons, using shortcuts, and creating landing pages.

They are not special. They are used by many websites and blogs. Therefore, our website will not look unique. We have limited possibilities to customize the look of free themes.

There are no commitments. Therefore, there is a risk that if something goes wrong we will be left alone.

Advantages of premium themes

Unlike free themes, you can buy them from numerous WordPress theme stores as well as other online stores.

The biggest advantage is the many features and customization options. It is worth checking out stores that only sell themes. We can be sure that they have attractive prices.

We can create many layouts and templates. We also have unlimited color options.

In addition, regular updates are carried out. Support is also offered.

However, due to the high cost of premium themes, they are more likely to choose free themes. That is why they are unique. Thanks to the customization options, we can personalize our theme.

Thanks to this, our website will stand out from the competition. It will be unique.

Disadvantages of premium themes

First of all, we can get bad code. The theme looks nice, but it’s not properly coded. Therefore, it may not be compatible with some plugins.

They may also have too many functions. Sometimes theme makers add a large number of unique features to entice customers. We will probably never use them, but due to their presence, the site may load slower.

Sometimes there are plugins available that offer features that they really shouldn’t. This mainly applies to the ability to create custom post types, shortcodes, and other things that will disappear as soon as you change the theme.

However, if we want to buy a good premium theme, let’s choose it from the trusted theme store.

Any good store should offer support with installing and using the theme. Can show documentation and offer assistance to clients. Let’s take a moment to choose a theme so that you don’t regret your purchase later.