What do you need to know to safely transport a car on a tow truck?

Co należy wiedzieć, aby bezpiecznie przewieźć samochód na autolawecie?

Transportation vehicle with carriage trailers is increasingly being chosen solution, for example, if we want to bring a vehicle from abroad, or tow the damaged car. What is worth knowing to safely transport a car on a tow truck?


Towing cars

Autolaweta as the name suggests, it is primarily used to transport a car and other types of vehicles to a designated place. It is especially useful in a situation where the car is after an accident, has been significantly damaged, which prevents it from taking part in road traffic, or is completely wrecked. In such a situation, it can be transported to a place chosen by its owner (for example, a mechanic). The tow truck is very often used by roadside assistance, as it is widely used when it comes to towing. When a roadside assistance company has a tow truck with a winch in its fleet, it will serve in many other cases as well. It will be used, for example, when you need to get a vehicle out of a ditch or put overturned cars in the right position. Autolaweta also turns out to be helpful when transporting new cars, for example, when they are brought from abroad. However, it should be remembered that before the vehicle is transported, it must be properly secured. The transported vehicle cannot expose other road users, because while driving, an unprotected vehicle could leave the tow truck. In order to secure the car, special belts are used, they are attached to each wheel of the car. On the other hand, chocks are placed under the wheels. Proper mounting of the car on the trailer is the most important issue to ensure safety. It is worth knowing that the actual weight of the trailer must not exceed the weight of the towing vehicle.

Transport of specialist equipment

A roadside assistance company can also use a tow truck to transport all kinds of specialist equipment. Caravans can be towed using the tow truck, for example. Such trailers are similar in size to cars, so their weight is similar and they are secured in the same way as other vehicles. Forklifts can also be transported on a tow truck. However, their positioning on the autolan may be a bit problematic. Many specialized vehicles can be transported by a tow truck, however, in such transport one should remember to take special precautions. The load should be carefully secured and all its elements must not pose a threat to other road users.

What is the difference between a tow truck and a tow truck?

You should also know the basic difference between the tow truck and tow. They are not the same concepts as it might seem. A tow truck is a trailer on which a towed car is attached. The tow truck is a combination of a steering cockpit and a tow truck. It is worth choosing a tow truck when you want to control the cars in the best possible way. The tow truck is very maneuverable, and using it significantly reduces the risk of scratching the paintwork, damage to the car or any abrasions.

What do you need to remember before mounting the car on a tow truck?

First of all, it should be remembered that with a category B driving license, we can drive a vehicle with a total weight not exceeding 3.5 tons. If the total weight is greater, then you must have a category C driving license. So it is important to check the weight of both vehicles, together with the people who will be in the cockpit of the tow truck, before loading it onto the tow truck. We can expect frequent checks of vehicles up to 3.5 tons, especially at the border. If the weight is exceeded, such control will result in the retention of the registration certificate and the issuance of PRD tickets and penalty tickets. They will concern causing traffic hazards. We can get a ticket for the transport of passengers in the number exceeding the number of seats specified in the vehicle registration certificate.

How to fasten a car on a tow truck?

In order to properly and safely mount the vehicle on the tow truck, you need to properly balance the load to be transported. The vehicle must be towed slowly and calmly placed on autolawecie . The car should be stably fastened to avoid possible sliding of the car from the tow truck or its tilting, or a collision with part of the cockpit. Loading must first of all proceed safely, tow just as the vehicle being towed must be turned on emergency lights. The driver of the towing vehicle should also wear a reflective vest to increase road safety. In addition, it is worth remembering to activate the light signal, i.e. the so-called beacon in the tow truck.

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