How to choose dietary catering?

Jak wybrać catering dietetyczny?

How to choose dietary catering? Until recently, dietary catering was rather reserved for celebrities. Now more and more people are deciding to use it. In most cases, these are people who want to start a healthy lifestyle and take care of a slim figure. Preparing well-balanced meals for the day is quite a challenge.

On the one hand, it requires knowledge of the nutrient content of all products, on the other hand, it is definitely a time-consuming process. Not everyone has time to spend a few hours in the kitchen. This is why the decision to buy a box diet is sometimes the most reasonable solution. Before choosing the right company, it is good to understand what makes it stand out.

What is dietary catering?

Popular dietary catering is nothing more than properly composed meals for the whole day, which are delivered to the door of our apartment every morning. For just a few dozen zlotys, he receives 5 dishes packed in special containers. They are selected in terms of calorific value, take into account possible food intolerances, and sometimes even the customer’s nutritional preferences. The most common options offered include diets:

  • 1000 calories
  • 1,200 calories
  • 1500 calories
  • 2,500 calories
  • vegetarian
  • vegan

The most professional catering companies offer their customers individually selected menus, the selection of preferred ingredients, for example a diet rich in fish and seafood.

Diet catering – which one will be the best?

If we finally figured out that we wanted to try the box diet on our own skin, we should do some good research as some companies don’t necessarily offer us products worth the price we pay for them. So what to look for when looking for the perfect dietary catering?

  1.  First of all, start by checking the company online. Read opinions on forums or on social media. This is the first step that will help you screen out companies that are not worth your attention.
  2. Find out how the menu is set. Every good company should employ a nutritionist to do this. Moreover, if you wish to take advantage of a given catering, the dietitian should conduct an appropriate interview with you, during which you will determine what specific results you want to achieve. Questions should be asked about what lifestyle you lead, whether you plan to introduce regular exercises in the gym, etc. During the interview, do not forget to inform the dietitian about any food allergies, it is very important when setting the menu.
  3. Also see the website of dietary catering that interested you. Pay attention to whether there is a sample menu for each of the proposed diets. It is very important for you to decide whether the meals offered by the company will suit your individual expectations. Also remember that the dishes should be varied. Eating the same day after day will definitely not make you happy, full of energy and ready for training.
  4. The website should also contain information about where the company takes the ingredients from. Ideally, these would be local suppliers – small breeders and organic farms. In this case, we can be sure that the meals we receive will be healthy and not sprayed. On the other hand, the short distance will make the products fresh for sure. It is also worth checking if dietary catering focuses on seasonal products.
  5. When selecting a boxed diet, it’s a good idea to choose a company based in your area. When ordering catering from another city, we often have to take into account that the courier will leave meals at our door for a few days. It is true that each of them is vacuum-packed, but let’s face it that after two days the food is not so fresh. Let’s add that the dishes are usually packed in the evening before the day of delivery, so a lot of time passes between the preparation of the dish and the moment when we eat it.
  6. Sometimes it is also worth paying attention to details. Check if the company offers a free trial day – this is a very good convenience to make sure that such food suits us. In addition, we will see if the portions and the method of seasoning are appropriate. Consider whether cutlery is supplied to the meal containers. At first glance, these are insignificant details. However, there are situations when we have to eat in some unusual place and just then this detail turns out to be very significant.

Pay attention to details

As you can see, choosing the right dietary catering is not as easy as it might seem at first. You should really pay attention to everything, because such companies usually charge quite a lot of money for one day of the boxed diet. The subscription usually needs to be purchased for at least a week, so it would be a shame to spend money on services that are not worth it. Sometimes it is worth calling the company additionally and asking about anything that raises any doubts.