Shopping in an RTV store – what are our options?

Zakupy w sklepie RTV – jakie mamy możliwości?

Each of us has RTV equipment in the form of televisions, computers, mobile phones or radio receivers. This is definitely not a purchase forever. Technology is moving forward and so are the hardware. It is known that we want the best possible equipment that will meet all our expectations. First, we need to find a good electronics store.

Where do we buy RTV equipment?

Without RTV equipment, it would be difficult for us to function. Therefore, whenever our TV fails, we are looking for a new model that will meet our expectations and will have new functions. We usually visit local electronics stores most often. However, it turns out that where we buy the equipment also matters. We mostly do not know the parameters of the equipment we are going to buy. After all, we don’t need to know everything. Then we count on the help of the service in a given RTV store. There are hardware stores on the market where employees are eager to help their customers, but there are also stores that treat their customers as some kind of intruders. Of course, we would like to hit the first store. Selfless help is appreciated by us. We want to talk to a consultant and receive answers to all questions that bother us. When we see the reluctance of the staff, we don’t want to make any purchases.

Stationary or online

Most RTV stores have both a stationary headquarters and an online store. Which type of store we choose depends only on us. It might seem that a brick-and-mortar store has the advantage that we can just consult an employee of the store and maybe advise us something cool. We should not always follow what the consultant tells us, because the employees also have their own sales plans and can direct us to more expensive equipment or from a specific manufacturer, which is not the best. So let’s try to know a bit and not be completely “green” in the subject.

When we do not want to go to a stationary store, we do not have to do it. We know very well what awaits us – a ride in traffic jams across the city, nervous searches for a parking space and a queue to the cash register. We can eliminate all of this from our day plan if we decide to buy online. Most branded stationary stores also run their own online stores. Most products are available in online stores. When a model is not available, we can order it. In a stationary store, when the mobile phone model we are interested in is not available, and we have already devoted two hours to find ourselves in the store, we decide on a different model that will not fully satisfy us. We will avoid such situations by buying online.

In online shopping, however, the most important thing is that you can literally equip your entire apartment without leaving your home. This scenario suits us wonderfully. It cannot be denied that we have less and less time, we are busy and we prefer to make a purchase without the least effort, rather than torment ourselves in shopping malls and push through the crowd.

Product reviews and ranking

A good online electronics store also ranks products. What is ranking? Suppose we are going to buy a new TV set. We then look at the ranking of TV sets available in a given store and receive a list of the latest models that may be of interest to us. Ranking is run by places. The most recommended model is in the first place. We can compare it with the fifth place model. What’s more, the ranking can be freely sorted and filtered. When our budget for a new TV set is PLN 3,000, we are not really interested in TV sets above this amount. Mark it in the ranking and thus save even more time.

In addition to the ranking, each module has opinions and comments from users. People who have already bought a given TV are willing to share their opinion. They share their insights regarding its use. It is very often the case that they advise against a given model or even recommend it. It is worth following such opinions, especially when people confirmed the purchase of this TV with a receipt or invoice.

Return and complaints

Regardless of whether we decide to buy in an RTV stationary or online store, we have the same rights to return the goods without justification as well as to complaints during the warranty period. Most often, the warranty covers two years, but in many stores it is possible to extend it up to five years. Sometimes it is worth investing in it, especially when it comes to a laptop or a mobile phone, which we almost never part with and therefore is exposed to numerous failures and damage. Let’s think about it. Finally, we will add that the online store also offers us advice in the form of a phone call or in the form of a chat conversation. We are never left alone with a problem.