The influence of fashion on customer behavior

Wpływ mody na zachowania klientów
The influence of fashion on customer behaviorThe fashion business is quite an important industry in many countries. Poland is also very active in this field, trying in various ways to fight Asian competition. It turns out that the most effective methods are building fashion awareness among Polish women and Poles, as well as promoting high-quality handicrafts, such as lace dresses or tailor-made suits. Considering the successive enrichment of a certain section of the society, this situation is very lucrative for efficient entrepreneurs.

Where do we get the information from?

Fashion is quite a broad issue and not everyone has so much time to fully learn about all the changes taking place within it. And there are even several dozen of them during the year. If you want to be constantly up-to-date, most people would not be able to keep up with buying sets of things for every occasion. That is why it is worth observing the general trends that fall into the four main seasons: summer, winter and two transitional periods, i.e. autumn and spring. Producers are eager to promote their collections in many media, adapting to a given time and not revealing what they plan to present on the shelves in the next, slightly more distant months. And so the previously mentioned lace dresses were promoted intensively in the spring. It gave the ladies the opportunity to prepare a wardrobe for the upcoming summer season and late May.

News is channeled primarily through the image, both in the form of photographs and film clips. The Internet has been the most recent source for several years. Previously, the press was the leader, in the form of monthly magazines printed on high-quality paper. These magazines were made on the basis of original materials from fashion shows and photo sessions created on request, and for models they were synonymous with prestige and professional fulfillment. And they still are, but such publications can now be treated more in terms of art than sources of knowledge.

There are also regular, colorful weeklies or biweekly magazines that provide an overview of what you can get in chain stores popular in Poland. Their great advantage is the accessible form of providing content, usually including advice on how to combine the elements of the creation, what are the individual prices, etc. You can find there lace dresses as well as the necessary accessories (hats, sunglasses), as well as shoes and underwear. All this, detailing the catalog prices of the products and the places where we should find them.

The Internet is currently the largest database for both men and women. Unfortunately, the vast majority of content about fashion concerns women, mainly due to the much less interest in the subject by a large group of the male part of the society. It is worth looking for knowledge on gossip websites, large portals, fashion blogs and specialized websites. It is enough to mention that most brick-and-mortar stores also conduct their commercial activities in the virtual zone, so you can easily make purchases without leaving your home.

Does fashion control us?

Certainly, the multitude of information sources has a significant impact on purchasing decisions. The above-mentioned online stores very often offer free delivery and the possibility of free return of the product without incurring any consequences, this is the perfect premise for making another, “safe” purchase. In this way, not one, but three lace dresses may end up in an average wardrobe by accident . Each of them reviewed by a different blogger, shown in a video on Youtube, perhaps dressed by one of the celebrities at the last gala. In this case, the susceptibility of customers to influence is very high, so producers make sure that the scope of promotion of their collections is very wide.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to defend against these types of marketing tricks. Especially if we want to be in line with the current trends, because our position or the environment in which we live requires it. An interesting case are people living in accordance with the spirit of the philosophy of minimalism, who, despite occupying high positions and having a large amount of cash, are often completely immune to the influences of fashion. Their strategy is to buy timeless, always willingly used cuts in neutral colors, but of high quality. Rather, it will not be a lace dress , but a simple, black skirt, which works well both in situations requiring elegance and those slightly looser in terms of socializing.

However, this is an exception to the rule and it can be clearly stated that the textile industry, along with the entire marketing machine supporting it, has for many years had effective tools to exert a kind of pressure on customers. This has a positive effect on the condition of the entire industry, which has been operating more and more dynamically every decade. Unfortunately, this situation does not go hand in hand with the quality of the products produced, so the consumer should pay close attention to what type of product ends up in his closet and whether the purchase is worth the price.