Detective profession – what is worth knowing about it?

Zawód detektywa - co warto o nim wiedzieć?
Detective profession – what is worth knowing about it? There are a whole lot of professions and jobs all over the globe that are not related to anything interesting, but are only the monotony of everyday life. However, there are also competitions that are extremely interesting, and each day is one big unknown. It is worth mentioning here the detective profession. What is worth knowing about him and why does this work seem so interesting?

Myths about being a detective

The very belief that the detective’s profession is mainly related to family problems is somewhat misplaced. This is partly a stereotype created in television programs. But what is the work of a detective based on and what aspects does he tackle?

As a curiosity, it should be added that this type of work was not regulated by any regulations for a very long time, which was definitely wrong. It was not until 2001 that the first related elements were adopted. These were, among others, the principles of operation of detectives and all kinds of licensing.

Types of tasks

In work related to being a detective, three specific genres of work in which he operates can be distinguished. These are orders related to family matters, economic problems, and even criminal cases.

Based on these types of assignments, it can be concluded that the work of a detective is extremely varied and often can be dangerous.

Family orders

When it comes to matters related to family problems, most of the orders on this level are based on verifying the fidelity of the spouse or partner. It is definitely a topic on time, which is why about 60-75% of the issues are related to it.

When it comes to the very scope of the detective’s work on this topic, it is most often necessary to collect evidence of treason , which often serve as evidence during divorce cases. It is important that, in the eyes of the court, the materials from the detective’s hands are much more credible, and sometimes there is a situation where the investigator himself is a witness.

Other family cases that the detective has to deal with a little less often are disappearances or escapes of the closest people, which already touches on criminal issues. The contacts are often renewed with the help of the intelligence officer. Sometimes it is also related to inheritance matters.

As you can see, orders related to family matters are more diverse than it might seem, and it is extremely interesting on this level.

Matters related to the economy

To the surprise of many people, detectives are also able to help on the economic level. Who uses the services of the intelligence officer? They are primarily all kinds of entrepreneurs who want to be sure about an employee, contractor or even a bank. Such an undertaking is aimed at checking the authenticity and credibility.

This aspect is extremely important when we are talking about any kind of financial fraud or corruption.

Detective services are also based on the intelligence of other competing companies as well as preventing and detecting wiretaps in cars, telephones and offices.

Therefore, one may be tempted to say that the detective in this matter deals with broad protection and compliance with legal provisions among enterprises.

Criminal cases

Criminal cases are by far the most dangerous group of orders. It is worth emphasizing, however, that not every person undertakes such matters. It is an individual matter, and above all a matter of courage, predisposition and a number of skills.

At this point it should be added that a detective is not almost identical to a policeman, on the contrary – in this respect he is treated like an ordinary citizen. In practice, it means that the detective has no right to use a gun, let alone handcuff the suspect. The only option is to incapacitate the criminal.

The most common criminal orders are clearing the client of the charges, and thus collecting evidence proving innocence.

Detectives usually cooperate with the police in a given case, and therefore the assessment of the credibility of the collected evidence by the police is also within the competence of the agent.

However, one of the particularly difficult matters, and at the same time very dangerous, is assistance in kidnapping for ransom or trafficking in human beings.

These are actions for detectives with extensive experience, but also psychophysical skills.

Detective techniques

Regardless of the type of case the detective is dealing with, he has a number of methods and techniques that help him establish the truth. It is largely related to access to advanced police equipment.

This allows the detective to examine and compare fingerprints or lips.

An important element is also the use of routeology, which helps in determining, among other things, the speed or direction of a specific vehicle.


To sum up, working as a detective is a particularly interesting profession, and above all, a variety of orders. It is worth adding that not everyone has a predisposition to perform this profession. Skills such as inquisitiveness, logical linking of facts, and very often courage and physical fitness are necessary.