Recuperation and heat pumps – are they worth using?

Rekuperacja i pompy ciepła - czy warto je stosować?
Recuperation and heat pumps – are they worth using? Recuperation and heat pumps are currently very fashionable and often used, especially in modern construction. Thanks to their use, we can use a significant amount of heat that would be irretrievably lost. Heat pumps are a great way to obtain green energy and save money on heating.

What is a recuperator?

Recuperation and heat pumps they often go hand in hand with each other. A recuperator is a mechanical ventilation unit. Its task is to force the air circulation needed to ventilate the rooms in the house. It also extracts heat from the used air out of the house. The heat is transferred to the air that has not yet been used and is then blown into the room. In addition to high heat recovery, we also have a guarantee of air purity, because the air supplied to the building is filtered. Dirt and excess moisture are removed, which has a positive effect on the condition of the walls. Thus, recuperation reduces the formation of fungi and mold, especially in very tight, i.e. ultra-economical buildings. It is a very good solution in winter, when we lose a significant amount of heat by ventilating the house by opening windows.

The ideal combination for reducing the amount of energy used to heat a home is recuperation and heat pumps in one building.

Heat pumps allow us to use renewable energy resources – they use the atmospheric air, surface water, and even the ground, drawing from them the heat we need.

 Recuperation and heat pumps – why is this combination so good?

Recuperation and heat pump give the best results. The heat pump  provides us with cheap and efficient thermal energy that is able to heat our entire house. Recuperation, in turn, will allow us to recover the obtained air on an ongoing basis. This guarantees thermal comfort and significant operating savings. To obtain even better air quality, the recuperator has many filters of various classes, including the carbon filter. The air that enters the rooms is free of sand, insects and dust. Some filters are advanced enough to trap allergens and bacteria from the air.

The thermal comfort that can be obtained in this way is much better than in the case of traditional heating. Recuperation is also needed in this case because this type of ventilation gives significantly less heat loss. In the case of gravity ventilation, heat loss can be as high as 50%.

Heat pump gives us great savings opportunities and a lot of convenience. We can forget about buying eco-pea coal or smoking with harmful materials. A heat pump obtains a lot of heat energy, mainly from the ground. It is worth deciding on it before the end of our investment, because drilling is required for its installation. The heat pump works mainly when the building that is to be heated with it stands on land with a lot of underground watercourses.

The heat pump can also obtain heat from the outside air, but it is not as efficient as in the case of using the ground or underwater water. It is also the most ecological way, apart from using solar energy, to obtain heat. In the case of a heat pump, remember to connect the installation with recuperation. Recuperation and heat pump give the best results, especially when we also invest in appropriate insulation of the building. This can be done with durable and highly resistant mineral wool. Appropriate heating of the building, also through the insulation of walls and windows, will allow us to significantly reduce the “escape” of heat, especially in winter. The recuperator will also allow us to enjoy very clean air, even in winter and autumn, when there is a risk of air pollution with smog. A recuperator and a heat pump are suitable for homes that care for the environment, because they do not generate harmful smoke.

Investment costs for recuperation and heat pumps

The cost of installing a recuperator, filters and a heat pump is around PLN 70,000. The recuperation itself costs about PLN 15,000, the heat pump around PLN 30,000, and the photovoltaic system PLN 25,000. After longer use of the house, you can notice a significant reduction in electricity and heating bills. With a 150 sq m building, you can have electricity bills of PLN 300 per month or less. The bills covered the use of all electrical equipment, as well as the production of utility water and lighting.

If you additionally have photovoltaic panels, we can count on even greater savings in terms of home heating, as well as electricity consumption. If we have produced more electricity than we could consume on an ongoing basis, we can send it back to the electricity grid. We collect 80% of this energy for ourselves, while the remaining 20% ​​is the income of the energy company.