Why botox? Advantages and disadvantages of the most popular rejuvenating substance

Po co botoks? Zalety i wady najpopularniejszej substancji odmładzającej
Why botox? Advantages and disadvantages of the most popular rejuvenating substance The botulinum toxin called botox is a substance produced by the anaerobic bacteria of the species Clostridium botulinum . Another name for botulinum toxin is botulinum toxin, it is produced as a result of improper storage of animal products and canned food. It can even thrive in deep-frozen foods. Botulin is one of the most dangerous neurotoxic substances for the human body, it can lead to respiratory problems, disturbances in the heart and, as a consequence, the death of a patient who inadvertently poisoned himself with botulism.

Botox used in cosmetic procedures

Botox is one of the treatments in aesthetic medicine that is controversial. He has as many opponents as supporters. The truth is that anyone who has benefited from it at least once wants to repeat the procedure in the future. Botox gives effects that we cannot achieve with the most wonderful anti-wrinkle cream. It rejuvenates you by almost 10 years or more. Botulinum toxin does not change facial features. The effect of the treatment lasts for several months, after which the skin gradually returns to its original state. During the duration of Botox, the facial muscles work weaker, which helps to wean ourselves off certain movements, which causes the formation of wrinkles. Botox is botulinum toxin.

Is botox toxic?

In no case. The amount of botox used for aesthetic treatments is a maximum of 100 units. The lethal dose for a man weighing about 70 kg is 2500-3000 units. So it can be said that botulinum toxin is a safe drug. So far, no irreversible clinical side effects have been reported. By undergoing the procedure too often, we will make the effects last shorter. However, the longer we use Botox, the longer our muscles rest, and therefore, with each subsequent treatment, we need less botox. The time of re-treatment is determined individually by the aesthetic medicine Szczecin doctor . After determining the condition of the skin, the specialist will be able to indicate when the treatment should be performed again in order to maintain the optimal skin condition.

How can botox be used?

You cannot enlarge your lips with botox, but you can remove the so-called gummy smile, it promotes the relaxation of the lips, thus protecting against the appearance of longitudinal furrows – the so-called smoker’s wrinkles. Botox is also used by doctors in the event of teeth grinding. It is then administered to the mandibular area, specifically into the masseter muscle. Botox can be used for prophylactic purposes, the best results are achieved when removing mimic wrinkles. There is a high probability that if you apply a cosmetic botox treatment to smooth the forehead once every six months, the wrinkles may never appear. Botox has been used in medicine for about thirty years, for example in the treatment of strabismus and muscle contractures as a result of various health problems. It is used in the treatment of hyperhidrosis, seborrheic dermatitis, migraines or headaches.

It is a really well-tested agent with known effects and possible side effects. Of course, there may be times when too much Botox is given. If it occurs around the forehead, it causes drooping eyelids for about four weeks. The same can happen when it is combined with other drugs, for example those that relax muscles, so it is so important to inform your doctor about the pharmaceuticals you are taking. Immediately after the treatment, bruises and ecchymoses may appear on the skin, which disappear within a few days. Sometimes a mild headache may be felt for one or two weeks.

Do you have to prepare for the botox treatment?

Cosmetic treatment with the use of botox does not require special preparation, it is not performed under anesthesia, and there is no time to recover. The doctor usually asks you to make a few grimaces to find out about the patient’s facial expressions, and then injects botox in several places. The sting is not painful. For the first dozen or so minutes, small bubbles are visible on the skin, resembling a mosquito bite. After finishing the aesthetic medicine treatment, you can return to your daily duties.

However, there are a few rules to keep in mind. For the first 4 hours, you should not bend your head too low or lie down to prevent the botox from dislocating. The effect of this cosmetic treatment takes about three hours to show up and the full effect is achieved a week or two later. Botox treatment should not be combined with mesotherapy , i.e. an injection with a cocktail injected into the skin of the face. This treatment could negate the smoothing effect. It is safest to wait 24 to 48 hours.

What else can botox be used for ?

Botox treatment can be performed to improve the condition of the hair. It is a treatment aimed at regenerating hair that has been damaged by frequent dyeing, diet changes, lack of positive influence of sunlight. First, the hairdresser uses a cleansing shampoo to open the cuticle. A special serum is applied with a syringe, then a mask is applied to close the cuticle. This treatment leaves the hair nourished and loose. The treatment must be repeated after three or four weeks. Botox does not change the structure of the hair. It is perfect for fine hair. It doesn’t take too long, about forty minutes, runs smoothly, and doesn’t cause any complications or complications.