Modern methods of rehabilitation for children and seniors

Nowoczesne metody rehabilitacji dla najmłodszych i seniorów

Modern methods of rehabilitation for children and seniors. Rehabilitation, both in Poland and in the world, is at an increasingly higher level. Rehabilitation centers and clinics continue to modernize their methods of rehabilitating all patients, including methods of rehabilitation of infants and children. Unfortunately, more and more children must be rehabilitated from early childhood – some of them even from birth or early infancy.

What is infant rehabilitation?

Most posture defects detected shortly after childbirth predict a complete recovery, provided that contact with a specialist is made as early as possible and that immediate treatment and / or rehabilitation are undertaken. One of the most popular methods of infant rehabilitation is Vojta rehabilitation  . Its main goal is to prevent disability in children born with defects of the central nervous system.

Therapies for children

In the 1940’s the NDT-Bobath method was developed, which revolutionized both the care and early therapy methods of infants and young children. It instructs them on how to feed and change them, how to play with them, while adjusting all activities to the child’s natural biological rhythm. This is to facilitate the learning of the correct movement patterns. And the goal of all therapy is to achieve and maintain a correct body posture. Individual therapy enables the correct assessment of the child’s fitness.

Costume therapy is another milestone in the rehabilitation of children. The idea and the idea arose in the Soviet Union in the 1990s, during the development of astronautics. The first suit was created to counteract the negative effects of low-gravity conditions to which cosmonauts were exposed. Initially, it was used in children with neuromuscular diseases, and the next one, TheraSuit, was designed and implemented in 1997 in the United States. It was used for the rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy. and was soon successfully introduced to world markets. It is used in patients from 2.5 years of age with neurological, orthopedic and musculoskeletal disorders.

Rehabilitation such a positive effect on the improvement of the work of the entire nervous system, stimulates the brain and restores the correct body posture. During therapy in TheraSuit, methods such as PNF, NDT-Bobath, Manual Therapy, Kinesiotaping, TheraBand, Sensory Integration are usually used. Sensory Integration Therapy is usually playful through learning. It is supposed to please the child, although he or she must also put some effort into the tasks performed. During the classes, various therapeutic aids are used, such as swings, balances, platforms, skateboards and many others. Thanks to this therapy, the child’s concentration and attention are improved, as well as his visual and auditory abilities.

Therapy after the age of 65 …

At the opposite extreme of life, there are people who, at this age, may experience symptoms of deteriorating health. Proper rehabilitation becomes then a very important element. The body of a 65-year-old person is no longer able to regenerate its functions with the current intensity and power, therefore the improvement of people aged 65 and over should focus mainly on preventing injuries leading to disability.

Frequent isolation of seniors from the environment, depression accompanying this phenomenon and frequent degenerative states of bones and joints, cardiovascular diseases and various other, additional physical ailments necessitate group rehabilitation, in which – in addition to light exercise – occupational therapy is also conducted, nutrition and all activities that allow you to overcome social isolation. Seniors should also benefit from home rehabilitation. It can be held all year round, even twice a week. On the remaining days, the patient should exercise alone or with the help of a caregiver.


Another method is rehabilitation through music, or music therapy. This is Professor Tomatis’ method which involves the use of computer modified music. Listening to such processed, but usually classical music, stimulates many functions of the brain, especially memory, attention, concentration and the emotional sphere. During music therapy, the patient should feel relaxed and calm, and even easier to learn foreign languages.

The dog – the perfect therapist

Dog therapy is becoming more and more appreciated in the rehabilitation of not only seniors. As a therapist, the dog turns out to be great in its profession. He loves unconditionally, expects nothing, does not judge anything. Regular walks with the dog strengthen the condition, improve circulation, joints, muscles, respiratory and immune systems. In addition, it strengthens contact with the world and with other people. Dog therapy is especially recommended for patients after a heart attack and stroke. In this case, the dog is sometimes better than the therapist – the human.

Occupational therapy

Occupational rehabilitation allows people with disabilities and seniors to return to life in society. It teaches, develops passions, finds talents, allows you to exist. Group occupational therapy, which socializes individuals who are at some anti-social stage, is especially recommended.