What is office ozonation?

Na czym polega ozonowanie biur?

What is office ozonation? Ozonation is a natural sanitizing and disinfecting method that does not require the use of any chemical detergents. With the necessary precautions, it is also completely safe. It works well in both public and industrial rooms, as well as for special purposes. After the work is completed, the air retains a pleasant smell, but above all it is free of harmful microbes. What is office ozonation? Let’s start with the definition of ozone first. 

What is ozone?

Ozone is a form of oxygen that is made of triatomic molecules. Ozonisation of offices is therefore aimed at removing bacteria and microorganisms from the air. The advantage of this type of action is the harmful effect on bacteria, but not on the surfaces being disinfected. In addition, a pleasant smell that resembles the one floating in the air right after a summer storm.

What is and what is ozonisation of offices?

Ozone disinfection is one of the most effective methods of decontamination, during which you do not need to use strong chemicals or bactericides. Instead, ozone is sprayed that is safe for health. Gas works well not only in living spaces, but also in offices. It destroys not only bacteria, but also microorganisms, viruses, fungi and even mold. Due to its bactericidal properties, ozonation is also used in medical facilities.

In addition to the basic action, it also removes unpleasant odors. Unlike classic methods and air fresheners, it does not mask the problem, but eliminates the smell. After completing the activities, office workers can not only breathe clean air, but above all enjoy the fresh smell. Currently, ozonation of offices is considered the most effective method of decontamination, also from microorganisms such as fungi and mold.

Office ozonation – price

The price for ozonation depends on the price list of a specific company. The cost is primarily influenced by the location of the company, as well as factors such as:

  • size and height of the office room,
  • number of devices to be used,
  • device operation time,
  • the degree of soiling of the rooms.

Efficiency of ozonation of offices

Ozonation of offices and rooms is becoming more and more popular, and many smaller and larger enterprises decide to use this type of service. This is due to the proven effectiveness of ozonation, as well as the simplicity of these activities. However, you must not undertake this type of work on your own. Specialized companies that have the appropriate equipment and skills are responsible for ozonation. Only by working with a professional company can you get the expected results.

It is therefore worth checking their qualifications and recommendations. Until recently, ozonation of rooms was carried out mainly in public buildings, doctor’s offices or medical facilities. However, the popularity of this service is growing, which is why even individual customers can afford it. Especially because the service allows you to get rid of unpleasant odors, but also microorganisms, fungi and bacteria that are dangerous to health.

Through the action of gas, all microorganisms that pose a potential threat to health or even life are removed from the air. Ozonation is also dedicated to rooms where sick people stayed for a long time, as well as smoking rooms or rooms where a fire was started and the smell of smoke and burning remained.

Why is office ozonation effective?

Many people wonder why office ozonation is so effective. The first element is the use of special devices that are responsible for the release of ozone of the appropriate concentration into the rooms. After the gas is emitted, a concentration measurement is performed to determine a safe dose for humans. Thanks to this information, you can stay in the room again without fear of health risks. To return to the optimal concentration, thorough ventilation of the rooms is usually performed.

Is office ozonation safe?

Specialists confirm that the ozonation treatment is safe. The condition, however, is its correct implementation. For this purpose, the experience of people responsible for ozonation is necessary, as well as modern equipment – both for spraying gas and measuring its concentration. Ozone is a gas that is harmful to humans, so the treatment can only be performed after proper training. Carrying out ozonation on your own is not possible and poses a serious threat to health and life.

Office ozonation – application

Office ozonation has a very wide range of applications. First of all, it is used to remove dust mites and allergens, as well as neutralize unpleasant odors. is of particular importance in the case of cleaning air-conditioned rooms (e.g. offices, conference rooms) due to the increased content of microorganisms in the air. Another application is the elimination of fungi and mold.

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