What is a hybrid varnish?

Co to jest lakier hybrydowy?

What is a hybrid varnish? Hybrid varnish is becoming more and more popular. However, this is not surprising, considering how many advantages this type of solution brings. What exactly is hybrid varnish? How should it be applied? How to remove hybrid varnish so that it is not problematic? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this solution? The answers to these questions can be found in the following article, which we cordially invite all interested readers to read. 

Hybrid varnish – what is it?

Hybrid varnishes are used primarily to perform hybrid manicures. This is quite an innovative and increasingly popular method of nail styling. The aforementioned products are characterized by above-average durability and resistance. Hybrid manicure is able to stay on our nails for up to three weeks, which is certainly noteworthy and satisfying. Therefore, it is a particularly recommended solution for women who do not have much free time to perform this type of activity.

It is worth mentioning that hybrid manicure can be performed both in a professional beauty salon and at home – depending on individual preferences. A woman opting for a hybrid varnish can count on a natural and effective look. Contrary to appearances, all these activities related to hybrid varnish are not the most complicated. It is worth mentioning that this type of cosmetics is perfect for both manicure and pedicure.

How to apply hybrid varnish?

Do you want to apply hybrid varnish yourself? It is possible, provided that you get the right accessories. Hybrid nail gel , base, polishing block, nail degreaser, hybrid top coat, varnish and UV lamp are important. In the first stage, we prepare the nail plate for further treatments. At the beginning, we remove the cuticles and file the nails, which will give them the right shape. Next, we apply a layer of the base, and then cure it using a UV lamp for about 120 seconds (LED lamp – 30 seconds).

Now we move on to the varnish. We apply one or two layers of varnish – depending on individual preferences. The next, very important step is the application of the top coat and its hardening. The time values ​​are identical to those previously indicated. Now we have the last stage of finishing, namely washing the nail plate with a degreaser, thanks to which we will get rid of the sticky layer.

How to remove hybrid varnish?

How to remove layers of hybrid varnish? Well, first you need to file the top layer. Then we soak cotton pads with a special remover and cover the nails with cosmetic foil. Leave the nails prepared in this way for about 5 minutes. After this time, we try to remove the varnish with a stick. If it does not go down as we would like, then we should repeat the initial steps.

Pay particular attention to the most common mistakes. There is a regular situation in which the nails are badly polished. We often skip removing the cuticles or degrease the nails properly. This makes the manicure less resistant to any damage. We must not forget about the application of a fixing base, as well as the fact that applying thick layers of varnish is certainly not beneficial for us.

Advantages and disadvantages of hybrid varnish

There is no denying that hybrid varnishes have many advantages. First of all, we are dealing with a permanent and long-lasting effect. The varnish does not chip or rub off, which is probably why it is so eagerly used. If we have a bit of practice, then we are sure that the nails will be even and smooth, which is associated with a satisfying visual effect. It is worth mentioning that the finish is shiny and looks very natural. Another advantage of the hybrid manicure is that after curing it in the lamp, the nails are ready. As a consequence, we do not have to wait for the varnish to dry – it is very comfortable. AND

There are many methods of decorating nails, however, the one using hybrid varnish is considered the safest. Nail cosmetics wholesalers  are a great place to get this type of products. According to many women, hybrid varnishes make it easier to grow nails. A wide range of colors is available, so every woman will find exactly what she is looking for. In addition, it is possible to experiment with spectacular decorations.

A huge plus is also the above-average period of validity of varnishes – it turns out that they do not dry in their packaging for a long time. As a rule, however, there are no ideal solutions, and this is the case here. In the case of long-term wear of the hybrid, we must take into account the possibility of damaging the nail plate. Hybrid varnishes can cause allergies in some people, and the prices are slightly higher.

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