Wooden or brick houses? What’s the better option?

Domy drewniane czy murowane? Co jest lepszą opcją?
Most investors try to get newer and newer technologies involved in the construction. Many of them are also faced with a great dilemma. Namely, it is a choice between building a house of wood or a brick one. Both buildings made of wood and those that require bricks to build have a large group of supporters. The final decision regarding the choice of building materials should be the result of an analysis of individual needs and expectations. Each of the described technologies is extremely developed and enables precise execution of works. What advantages and disadvantages result from the construction of wooden houses? Who should decide on a similar investment? Since when does mankind build buildings made of wood? What should you remember about this type of realization?

What are the advantages of wooden houses?

Wooden houses have been built in Poland for hundreds of years. The roofs and ceilings of many ancient buildings have structures made of this material. Although some consider this method not very durable, there are many examples of old buildings that are in better shape than brick-built properties. Today, the construction technique of frame houses is highly advanced, which enables the works to be performed at an extremely high level. All this thanks to combining construction practices from different corners of the world.

Wood is a material valued m. Al . for the ability to self-regulate the amount of moisture it contains. Its presence in the structure of the house allows you to create a typical microclimate for it. During hot weather, it keeps the cold inside the building, while during frost, it insulates the heat inside. Wood is a natural material and insulator. Its use is ecological, which should please people who care for the natural environment.

Another reason why investment in wooden houses is highly profitable is the fact that they are built quickly. With a well-organized team and an adequate budget, the building can be completed in up to three months, although it usually takes about half a year. One should also pay attention to the enormous possibilities of later expansion of such properties.

Wooden buildings: why is it worth investing in them?

Another important advantage of wooden houses is the phenomenon of the so-called thermal inertia. In such buildings, not only the air is heated, but also its walls. This situation makes it possible to regulate the temperature inside the building. In a well-insulated timber house, the temperature can be raised from 7 to 22 degrees in just over two hours. This is a very satisfactory result. For comparison, it can be mentioned that a similar effect can be obtained in a brick house after about 48 hours. This regularity can be used to significantly reduce the cost of bills. In some cases, they may even be reduced by half.

The construction of wooden houses itself is also noteworthy . The foundations of such buildings are much narrower than those of brick houses. Such a situation translates directly into much lower construction costs. Interestingly, one of the “wet” works during the construction of wooden buildings is the pouring of the aforementioned foundations. Thanks to this, their construction is possible at any time of the year, which is another advantage. It is also interesting that the distribution of electrical wiring in a wooden property is much easier than in brick houses. All because there is no need to hide the wiring under the plaster. Many may also like the fact that if in the future it is necessary to change the location of the socket, it can be done without breaking the walls.

Wooden vs. brick house – What to choose?

The choice between investing in a wooden or brick house should be a result of the owner’s individual needs. However, there are several reasons why you should rethink this topic twice. The first is that a timber house built with the same budget that would be needed to build a brick building will always be warmer than it. Today’s technology also allows you to protect the wood so that it has fireproof properties. Thanks to this, residents of similar properties have a chance to feel completely safe within their four walls.

Frame houses are able to survive even a centuries-old test of time. They are not disqualified because their erection takes much shorter than building a brick house, nor because the cost of their construction is much lower. Wooden houses in Szczecin are also energy-efficient and are an easy material for possible expansion.

Opinions about wood properties are clear that they are an example of money well invested. When deciding to build a house, you should thoroughly analyze each of the available options. None of them should be overlooked. Remember that the final decision must be the result of its perfect adjustment to individual needs. ”

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