Why are log houses built so quickly?

Dlaczego domy z bali buduje się tak szybko?

Why are log houses built so quickly? After many years of triumph in the construction of brick buildings, wood is back in favor with investors. It turns out that log houses have great architectural potential. Designs of such buildings can be a nod to traditional solutions and resemble highlander cottages with their form. However, this is not the only option. They will look equally good in a slightly more modern version. The possibilities for modeling their shapes and styles are so great that designers do not have to limit themselves almost at all.

Of course, everything depends on the expectations of future owners and the wealth of investors’ portfolios. However, it is worth being aware that the delightful form of a log house does not have to mean spending a fortune. Buildings of this type are not the most expensive, and their additional advantage is that they are built at an express pace. What conditions must be met for the construction of such a property to last shorter than the erection of a brick house?

The process of building a log house

Many people will certainly find it interesting that the erection of a wooden log building can take only a few weeks. This is possible due to the fact that the logs are brought to the construction site with initial cuts made on them. The next step is to engage operators of saws, cutters and cranes to work. With their help, the individual elements of the building can be matched to each other just like Lego bricks. However, it is worth knowing that this process, contrary to appearances, is not easy at all. It requires great knowledge and experience of performers. Nevertheless, this way of carrying out the work allows you to erect a log house much faster than building a real estate using traditional technology.

Every investor should pay great attention to the issue of foundation of the building. The following options are available:

  • laying the house on footings;
  • use of spread footings;
  • foundation of the property on the foundation slab;
  • if the bearing capacity of the soil allows it, the building can be placed on stilts.

Pouring the foundations is also not the easiest thing to do. During such work, it is necessary to carry out earthworks. This term should be understood as the execution of the excavation under the base of the building. The next step is to pour the previously selected method of its foundation. The decision should be made after a thorough analysis of each of the possible solutions. It is best to consult with someone experienced on this matter. Building a log house requires a lot of knowledge. It is a good investment only if each of the actions taken has been well thought out.

You need to know that the concrete poured under the foundations will achieve its full strength parameters only after 28 days. This time is the same as for the construction of brick real estate. This means that only a month after the foundations are made, it will be possible to proceed with the next works. Moreover, while the process of erecting a log house can take place at any time of the year, the foundations must be made during good weather conditions. It is best to start their implementation in late spring. Some also decide to choose summer, but the condition is that it should not be too hot.

Preparation of relevant materials for the project

Another important issue is the organization of materials for the implementation of a given project. Log houses are built of dry, long-aged wood. It is also important that it is well impregnated. Thanks to this action, it becomes resistant not only to the influence of harmful weather conditions, but also to fire, the formation of mold and fungus and the appearance of vermin. The quality of the components the investor will focus on will pay off in the future. The better they are, the less exploitation the building will be exposed to.

It should also not be forgotten that log houses – just like brick buildings – require the investor to obtain exactly the same number of permits and approvals from offices. In both cases, the design must be approved by the relevant authorities and a building permit must be issued.

It is also necessary to ensure that all necessary media are brought to life. We are talking about electricity, gas, water, as well as signing an agreement on garbage collection and sewage disposal. While the erection of the real estate itself takes a relatively short time, the issues related to the completion of all formalities require time and usually last longer than the construction itself.

Regardless, log homes are a solution worth considering. You can often meet the opinion that they are a better proposition than traditional construction. Of course, everything depends on the individual requirements of the investor and future residents of the property. The number of available wooden building designs is very tempting and means that among the existing options everyone can find the one that will satisfy them the most.

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