Wall murals – a return to the living rooms

Tapety ścienne - powrót na salony

Wall murals – a return to the living rooms. Until recently, wall wallpapers were associated with the ancient, even kitschy finishing of houses. After years of absence and notoriety, this trend has returned to interior design. The choice of patterns, structures, materials and possibilities offered by decorative wall wallpapers is incomparable to the state of several years ago. The variety of themes and the possibility of personalizing the wallpaper in a very simple way allow you to create a dream and unique interior.

Each, even the smallest room can be made more attractive with a decorative wallpaper, appropriately selected in color and according to preferences, and wallpaper adapted to a specific interior can change and enliven the room. Wall decoration with wallpaper will give the room a new style, skilfully applied wallpaper patterns will subtly emphasize the furniture and give the interior a character.

Easy, fun and classy

Placing wallpaper on the wall is one of the fastest ways to arrange it. Today’s technology allows you to quickly install wallpaper, without the need to call a specialist. However, the very decision to cover the walls with wallpaper should be carefully considered. A popular solution is to decorate only one wall or just a part of it with wallpaper. An excess of too strong patterns and intense colors can visually reduce the interior, which should be avoided. It is worth maintaining harmony in the selection of textiles and furniture for a room decorated with wallpaper. The same theme on the wallpaper as on the decorative accessories may be a great idea.

The specification of the rooms is also important when choosing the wallpaper, some will fit perfectly into the decor of the living room or children’s room, others will be wallpapers intended for installation in the kitchen or the bathroom. This guarantees a well-made decision and a consistent interior design. An additional advantage of the wall wallpapers currently available on the market is their disassembly. When we want to change the decoration, also the one on the wall, we are able to remove it without unnecessary mess. Not only is it easy and fun to put the wallpaper on the wall, replacing it will also save you time.

Where to start choosing a wallpaper?  

In order not to regret the decision made, before buying in beautiful wallpapers for the wall it is worth considering a few issues in advance. The first rule that should guide you when choosing a wallpaper is the final composition with the rest of the room. In addition to furniture and the selection of accessories, the color of the door and floor in the room should be taken into account. An equally important issue is the size of the room that is to be decorated with wallpaper.

In small rooms, bright colors and a delicate wallpaper motif will work better if you want to decorate the entire or opposite walls. When choosing strong colors or a bold, flashy pattern, consider partially decorating the wall. However, the large area allows us to play with both a color accent and a bold motif. Therefore, when choosing a wallpaper, it is important to specify all the criteria. The colors of the wallpaper will depend on individual preferences. The structure of the wallpaper is also a matter of choice, it can be smooth or with a pattern, we can also try a personalized photo wallpaper with a photo of our choice. When planning to buy wallpaper for the wall, you should also decide what material the wallpaper was made of.

Types of wall wallpapers

The offer available on the market includes many types of decorative wallpapers, but they differ in the material from which they are made, the number of layers and the method of their application. The choice can be made between paper wallpapers on a fleece backing, vinyl wallpapers on a paper backing or fleece. Wallpaper manufacturers also offer velor wallpapers, which are among the most exclusive of the above types. The type of wallpaper for the wall also includes the wallpaper of raufaza and wallpaper made of fiberglass.

Paper wallpapers come in a wide range of patterns and colors. They can be single or multi-layer. However, they have a thin structure and are therefore difficult to keep clean. They are intended for interior design with smooth walls and not exposed to dirt. Vinyl wallpapers are covered with a water and chemical resistant vinyl, which facilitates subsequent cleaning of the surface. This type of wallpaper comes in a flat and foamed version. Flat has a shiny, thin coating, while foamed ones are thicker, ideal for uneven surfaces. The surface of vinyl wallpaper can be smooth or structured. The structured surfaces can imitate wood, stone or brick.

Non-woven wallpapers are easy to stick, they do not need to be covered with glue, which certainly facilitates even distribution and matching of patterns. In addition, non-woven material is a soundproofing material, so it will be perfect in a room where an echo spreads. The two layers of the wallpaper perfectly hide unevenness or holes in the wall. Glass-fiber wallpapers have a structure that resembles a fabric, there are various thicknesses, weaves or patterns of fibers. They are waterproof and resistant to minor mechanical damage. Ideally suited to the arrangement of the kitchen or bathroom. Rauphase wallpapers can be painted many times, it consists of several layers of paper with wood chips between them. This type of wallpaper is most often white.

Among the many important criteria, as well as the wide range of products, the most important thing when choosing a wallpaper is the interior and the tastes of its users. The house is an asylum in which the household members are to feel good, so the interior must be tailored to their needs.