Sunny holidays – the Baltic or the Mediterranean?

Słoneczne wakacje — Bałtyk czy Morze Śródziemne?

Sunny holidays – the Baltic or the Mediterranean? Unfortunately, the climate we live in is not friendly all year round. Summer is usually sunny, warm, which encourages activity and swimming in lakes and seas. Spring, on the other hand, is the time when everything comes to life, including people. Flowers are blooming, lush green grass is growing, and the birds sing to encourage you to get up earlier and spend time outdoors.

Fall is also a beautiful time of the year, because it delights with an explosion of colors. All the forests look painted then, the summer heat disappears, but it is still warm enough to take walks and admire the nature preparing for sleep. And just as these three seasons are beautiful and encourage you to get out of bed every morning, when winter comes, everyone would love to hibernate with the bears. Unfortunately, more and more often you can only dream of a beautiful white winter, because most of the time it is ugly, gray and drab and there is a lot of mud everywhere. Every year, it is not known whether it will be possible to wear snow boots this time, or whether you will need rubber boots and an umbrella. Therefore, to make the winter more pleasant and the waiting for the summer happier, it is worth planning your holiday vacation now.

Cheap travel around the world

Do you dream of clear sea water, palm trees and soft white sand? Virtually everyone dreams of such holidays. However, some people make these dreams come true, while others only dream about them and wait for a gift from fate. Why so few people fly to the tropics or other vacation destinations? The answer is obvious and known to everyone. It is money, or rather the lack of it. Holidays abroad are expensive and everyone associates them with thousands in huge amounts that have to be spent. However, it is not always necessary to reduce your wallet so much to lie on the beach for a few days and sunbathe your skin or dive in the turquoise waters of the seas. Last minute deals are an alternative to expensive holidays.

What is that? These are cheap vacation deals that allow you to fly abroad at cheap or very attractive prices. More and more people, especially the young ones, decide to start their adventure with last minute holidays. Still, many people do not know what it is or are afraid that someone will want to make them into the proverbial daft. Meanwhile, there is nothing to worry about. Such opportunities are not meant to take someone to a foreign country and leave them to the natives. These are offers from travel agencies that have the last seats and do not want them to remain empty. Therefore, they offer very low prices. However, this solution also has its drawbacks. It should be taken into account that often the departures are overnight or in a week. Therefore, you must either be flexible or have a lot of leave at work, because last minute holidays cannot be planned for a year.

Poland or Sardinia?

When you are sure that you want to spend your vacation at the seaside, it is worth considering whether it will be a vacation on the Baltic Sea or some exotic sea. It is good to know the advantages and disadvantages of each of the solutions so that the vacation is best remembered for the next months. What does the Polish sea offer us? First of all, distance. This is the first advantage. The Baltic Sea is relatively close, or rather the closest possible sea. We also do not have to worry about the language barrier that often makes holidays abroad difficult. In this case, we know not only the language, but also the culture, food and we do not have to visit the exchange office to exchange currencies for foreign ones. The Polish sea will not boast of palm trees, banana trees or orchids growing everywhere. Nevertheless, the landscape is very pretty and picturesque. Such actions, unfortunately they also have many disadvantages. First of all, these are the prices that are definitely too high for the attractions offered by our sea. You should also be prepared for beaches, full of screens and a huge crowd. The waters of the Baltic Sea are also not very transparent, and the weather is often unpredictable.

For the above-mentioned reasons, the vast majority of people who travel prefer to spend their vacation in warm countries. You don’t have to worry about the weather there, the prices are comparable to those in Poland, and the water is clear and turquoise. A very nice place, and at the same time relatively nearby, is Italy, specifically one of the islands, i.e. Sardinia. Its great advantage is that it has a very friendly climate, blue waters around and beautiful views. Then we do not have to worry about the weather, because it is not unpredictable, and the amount of rainfall in the summer time is very small. Hot winds blowing from Africa ensure high temperatures, and the breeze blowing from the Mediterranean Sea cools the body, thanks to which high temperatures are not so much felt.

When is the best time to go?

When you go to Sardinia depends not only on when you have your vacation planned, but also on whether you prefer warmer or cooler temperatures. The time from mid-June to mid-September is best for those who love high temperatures, warm sea water, and crowded beaches and streets. Those who prefer to rest with temperatures lower than 30 degrees Celsius, like to relax in a small group of tourists and do not care only about lying on the beach, can go to Sardinia from April or only in October.

The most beautiful places to visit Sardinia is during the Easter season. Then the rocky island is covered with carpets of multicolored flowers. It is a delightful sight. Temperatures during this period in Sardinia are around 20 degrees Celsius. However, you should expect more rainfall, because the rainy season is still there. However, during this period you can enjoy lower prices for accommodation and tickets, admire the still uncrowded beaches and visit many interesting places without crowds of tourists.