Lawn mower – how to choose the right one?

Kosiarka do koszenia trawnika - jak wybrać odpowiednią?
Lawn mower – how to choose the right one? A beautiful-looking garden is the showpiece of every household and is an integral part of it. Well-groomed and neat-looking, it creates a perfect place to relax and rest, and the evenly mown grass with a beautiful green color makes these moments even more unique. In order to take good care of the garden, you should properly stock up on the necessary equipment and devices.

The lawn mower is undoubtedly one of them – without it it would be difficult to keep the garden in perfect order and cleanliness. The current market offers a very wide range of types of lawn mowers. Manufacturers try to improve as much as possible and meet even the most demanding customer expectations. Thanks to this, the offers abound in various types of mowers, from manual, through petrol, to electric ones. So what should you consider when buying it? Which one to choose.

Lawn mowers – types

Lawn mowers are very practical and extremely useful devices in every household with a garden. Then it would be difficult to do without this equipment and keep the plot in perfect order. In order to meet the expectations of customers, the production of mowers has undergone numerous metamorphoses, which resulted in a multitude of models with different parameters and properties.

The overriding decision in choosing the right lawn mower is its power type. You should think carefully, because this fact depends on how the device is used later. Due to the type of power supply, the following types of mowers are distinguished:

 Lawn mowers – manual

Manual mowers are devices that represent the most basic and cheapest models of this type of equipment. They are quite precise, but require a lot of work, because the entire mowing procedure is literally “in our hands”, and more precisely in their strength. They are equipped with slat knives, mounted in drum mechanisms. Their work is based solely on hand movements – the faster and more vigorously the movements are made, the more efficiently the device works. This type works best on smaller surfaces, and its additional advantage is low price, operating costs and environmental friendliness.

Lawn mowers – petrol 

Petrol mowers are characterized by high efficiency, precision and easy operation. Due to the large engine, oil and gasoline their weight is relatively high, but their functionality and practicality does not change. Petrol lawn mowers are an ideal solution for very large areas overgrown with grass, where they will not be limited by the use of a cable and access to electricity – this is undoubtedly a great advantage. They are also great for mowing tall grass, because their mechanism has the right properties and can handle such tasks without any problem. Mobility, no limitations, easy work and pleasant mowing – these are definitely the advantages of having combustion devices, but remember that they generate quite a lot of exhaust gas, which adversely affects the environment.

Electric lawn mowers

Electric lawn mowers are devices that are very popular among lawn owners. It is a type of lawn mower that is powered by electricity coming directly from the socket. Therefore, they have a cable that significantly limits the mobile capabilities of a given device. Electric mowers are best suited for small gardens and lawns, where there is sufficient distance to the socket and the cable is long enough to reach any part of the garden – you can also use an extension cord. There are also mowers that have been equipped with a battery, but their parameters are not very sufficient and usually not satisfactory. The advantages of having electric lawn mowers are: low price, low noise and environmental friendliness.

What to consider when choosing the right lawn mower?

When buying a lawn mower, you should first of all be guided by your own needs and preferences. The main factors should be the size of the grass area, access to electricity or lack thereof, and the willingness and opportunity to put effort into the mowing process. There are many models on the market that differ in functionality and price – the more expensive ones are usually made of more durable and better quality materials and have more advanced technical solutions or are simply better equipped. You should also take into account the frequency of use of the equipment and the way it is used – petrol lawn mowers are unlikely to be a good solution for garden areas smaller than 100 m². It is also worth paying attention to the operating costs and environmental damage.

Nowadays, a wide range of shops and devices located in them abound in a variety of mowers, whether petrol, electric or manual, rotary or drum. With or without a basket. To be able to choose the right equipment for you, read the technical data of several models and choose the best one for you on this basis. It is also worth looking at the opinions of other users and read their comments.

Choosing the right lawn mower is not difficult, it only needs to be thought out and tailored to the specific needs of each user, then the choice will certainly be satisfactory