Is renting tent halls profitable?

Czy wynajem hal namiotowych jest opłacalny?

Is renting tent halls profitable? Tent halls are increasingly being replaced by brick buildings, the construction of which takes a lot of time. The decisive factor is also the price, which is associated with much cheaper materials. For many, however, the most important thing is the flexibility in moving the hall, thanks to which they can be used temporarily. Many people have doubts about the use of such structures. Is it worth renting tent halls and what exactly can they be useful for?

Advantages of tent halls

Many people have doubts about the durability of tent halls, but they are completely unjustified. Although they do not have foundations, their fastenings are so durable that they are not threatened by any adverse weather conditions. A great advantage is also a waterproof material that will not let water through even in the biggest storms and rains. Appropriate fastenings also prevent problems with the wind. The side walls are stretched so well that even the biggest gusts are not felt inside.

What for some is a disadvantage, can turn into the greatest advantage. The lack of foundations gives great opportunities when it comes to moving the tent hall. This allows you to rent it and transport it to any place in Poland. This is especially useful during events and temporary events that last one day or several days in a row. This gives the greatest opportunities to people who have their own land and do not have to rent an additional plot.

The great advantage of the halls is also the price, which will be much lower than in the case of other buildings or structures. Especially in the case of short-term rent. Renting a warehouse can also be profitable, but only after a few months.

How can a tent hall be used?

There are a lot of uses for the hall, but all of them are usually related to the protection of people and goods. First of all, they are useful during unfavorable weather conditions. The organizer of a mass event may not expose visitors to wet clothes and blowing off food in the catering area. The halls will be perfect for various music or sports events, thanks to which fans of concerts and fans will be able to see their idols in peace.

Tent halls can also be used by entrepreneurs who want to use them as warehouses. They can be added to an existing building, temporarily increasing the space for additional goods. Sometimes products only need to be stored in the warehouse for a short time, so renting a hall for a few weeks or months can be a great solution for the company. The same applies to the use of the hall in an industrial way. Machines and automotive equipment can also be temporarily stored here. Helicopters or smaller planes are also often stored in the halls.

Tent halls are often rented by farmers. A large amount of space allows you to store agricultural tractors and combine harvesters. In addition, they are great as food storage. Temporary crops sometimes have to wait a while before they reach the store. A tent hall is a great choice if there is a food surplus during the season.

How much does it cost to rent a tent hall?

The costs of the tent hall depend strictly on its size and the length of the rental. Prices vary from company to company. The hall can also be rented for PLN 6 per square meter, as well as PLN 10. However, the costs oscillate around PLN 8 on average. In the case of a smaller hall size, i.e., for example, 20 meters by 30 meters, you can pay PLN 5,000. Twice as much space costs PLN 10,000.

The longer the tent is rented, the lower the prices. This is due to the assembly of the hall itself, the assembly of individual elements and transport costs. Long-term rentals are simply more profitable for companies. Higher prices may also result from additional options that are included in the services and are listed below.

Additional services related to the rental of the hall

Renting a tent hall is not only about transport and assembly costs. You can modify your order in various ways, which can give you additional benefits. This involves some fees, but it will certainly make it easier for customers to stay in the middle of the hall. Comfort can be increased by additionally installing air conditioning or heating. If the hall is rented for a longer period of time, you can order both services at the same time. It will also be appreciated by employees who may work in too hot or too cold conditions.


An interesting option is the possibility of extending the contract. You can make a special arrangement with the company, in which you can rent the hall after the agreed rental period. Otherwise, the equipment is taken right away and you have to deal with another company again. It may also be cheaper to replace the hall with another one. Rental is sometimes a trial and error method where the initial dimensions turn out to be too small or too large. The company will try to reassemble the hall to a larger or smaller one as soon as possible. The change does not necessarily result from a mistake in the selection. Sometimes the number of customers simply increases or additional machines are added to be stored. The hall rental company always tries to adapt to the changing trends at the client’s.

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