Is it worth bringing Ukrainians to work?

Är det värt att ta polacker till jobbet?

The legends about Ukrainians who have appeared in numbers in our country in recent years are really different. Of course, much of the information that appears is untrue. This is because some Poles, not knowing the principles of economics, claim that Ukrainian citizens are taking their jobs. In this way, a negative image of our eastern neighbors is being created. Therefore, it is worth considering whether hiring workers from Ukraine is profitable and whether it is not risky.

Is it worth being interested in employees from Ukraine?

The answer to this question is probably obvious. Every employee is worth your interest. We never know who we may be dealing with, and it may turn out that this is the specialist we are looking for. We may have our opinions on different nations, but we should not put up barriers that will hinder the development of the company.

A potential employee should not be viewed through the prism of nationality or religion, but through his experience, skills and potential.

Employees from Ukraine can be an opportunity for our economy, in which there is a shortage of employees, especially those who would like to work in typically manual positions. Therefore, it is worth getting interested in them as employees who can be an opportunity for the company.

Why is it worth employing workers from Ukraine?

There are really many advantages behind employing Ukrainians. Below you can learn about a few of them and consider whether it is really worth doing.

At the beginning, it is worth mentioning the closeness of Polish and Ukrainian culture. Although it is not directly related to the work itself, it is very important. Due to the fact that we live together for many years, a certain cultural bond has developed between us, which brings Poles and Ukrainians closer. And here you can see the advantages of working together, because people whose culture is similar to each other establish contacts faster and the cooperation looks better and better every day. Conversations become more enjoyable, and thanks to the proximity of our two countries, there will also be topics for talks.

Language is also related to culture. In Ukraine, of course, it is Ukrainian, but if someone has never dealt with Russian or Ukrainian, he or she does not have to worry about problems with getting along. In Ukraine, one of the languages ​​they teach in schools is Polish and its acquisition is very good there. Therefore, no one should be surprised if he meets an ordinary Ukrainian worker on the street who speaks Polish well enough. Eastern workers also have a certain ease with learning the language, so they are also happy to do so. So you can forget about communication problems.

Ease of establishing cooperation

If someone is worried about the formalities associated with hiring an employee from Ukraine , this is not a major problem. Although Ukraine does not belong to the European Union, the process of employing people from this country has been facilitated. Unfortunately, this is only the case for employees who will work in Poland for a maximum of 6 months, then a work permit is required. However, even these 6 months are good because if the company is looking for employees only for the summer season, this is the perfect time. So you only need the employer’s declaration of the intention to hire and you can bring a new employee.

This minimum of formalities is something really encouraging. It is also an opportunity to check, before hiring an employee for a longer period, whether it is profitable at all to get a work permit for him and get involved.

Low costs

The point is not that these workers should be used and paid below the minimum wage, but that our minimum wage is high for them, so you do not have to worry about high demands from them. An employee from Ukraine will be very pleased if he receives the minimum wage and will be able to not only support himself, but also send his savings to the family. It is a situation similar to that of Poles in Great Britain.

Motivation for employees

Employees from Ukraine are usually very committed to their tasks. You can see that they care a lot about keeping their current job and are doing their job better and better. Thanks to this, it is possible to allow some healthy competition between employees and achieve better and better results. However, you have to make sure that it remains at the level of healthy competition and does not turn into a big conflict in the company.

Ukrainians are a nationality that is not afraid of work. If they already come to Poland to earn money, it rarely happens that they work 40 hours a week, because they usually ask for overtime. It is simply an opportunity for them to earn more money.

Now only each employer has to evaluate and consider whether it is worth employing such employees. If someone is looking for a large number of blue collar workers, builders, drivers or warehousemen, there will certainly be a lot of people willing to do such work in Ukraine.

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