How to buy a plot? Tips.

Jak kupić działkę? Porady

Everyone who wants to have their own four angles, not necessarily located in blocks of flats, has two options to choose from. Purchase of a finished house with a plot of land or construction of a house on a plot of land purchased earlier for this purpose. When choosing the second option, it is worth knowing that the prices of plots for sale vary depending on their location, distance from urban agglomerations, and size. Choosing the right plot is a very individual matter.

What plot of land for sale to choose to build a house?

Unfortunately, not every plot of land offered for sale is suitable for building a house on it. It’s best to see as many plots as possible before the final transaction, so that you can get an overview of the prices prevailing on the market in the selected area, sometimes the bargain is not as bargain as it seemed at the beginning. The area of ​​the plot should, first of all, enable the construction of a building of the size that is preferred by us and have an additional space for garden development or a place for recreation. Small plots have a great impact on the comfort of its later use, and additionally, it should be remembered that building regulations do not allow for the construction of a building closer than 4 meters from the plot border. Looking for the perfect plot among offers for sale, it is best to pay attention to rectangular or square-shaped plots, as they are easier to develop. The quality of the land also influences the future construction here? It will be harder to build foundations on poor quality ground and it may turn out that specialized technology requires high costs.It is obvious that a plot of this type should be dedicated to the construction of a house, but that’s not all, it is worth getting acquainted with the local land development before buying . It specifies all planned future investments and permits for development of a given area. Nobody wants to build a house in a place where the construction of an expressway is planned in 5 years. Another issue is bringing the media to the plot. Before buying a plot, it is worth checking its utilities,

Another extremely important issue is access to the plot and access to the public road. Without access to the plot, no one will agree to build a house on such an area. It can be implemented through a municipal road or a neighbor’s plot, then it is good to ask about the issues related to the easement, so that in the future it does not turn out that the neighbor decides to plow access to our house or charge for it, to which he is fully entitled.


All information about the plot for sale is available in the land and mortgage registers. They include information whether the plot is mortgage-free and how many owners it owns or whether it is subject to any easements. The land and mortgage registers are a typical history of the plot and what has happened to it over the years. Access to land and mortgage registers can be obtained only by having their numbers. It is also important to obtain an entry from the land register from the Starost Office, but only the owner of the plot may apply for such a document. Having it is important because without it you can write a notarial deed.

The basic transaction document informing about the fact that we have taken over the rights related to the plot for sale is a notarial deed. It is drawn up before a notary public and has full legal value. Many notaries offer their help in the preparation of a contract for the sale of a building plot, using it can be fruitful in the future, because you can almost be sure that they will weigh all the necessary legal aspects in it that will protect you from possible unpleasantness in the future.

Choosing the right land for development among the maze of plots for sale is a real challenge, so take the time to calmly analyze all offers. Under no circumstances should you rush this decision, because theoretically this is where we are to spend the rest of our lives, so it is worth approaching this task both practically from the cost and construction side, as well as emotionally. The sequence of activities related to the construction of a house, i.e. the purchase of building plans and a plot of land, is pure freedom. Both solutions have their pros and cons that need to be analyzed. However, it is a bit easier to find plans that match the plot than the other way around, so it is worth choosing this order.

Attractive prices of plots for sale, tempt buyers, but you should always check everything carefully before making a transaction, so as not to buy the proverbial pig in a poke. Eliminating the effects of such an error can be very costly and time-consuming, so it is better to save yourself unnecessary nerves in advance. Visits to the appropriate offices in winter for a maximum of two days, and it will be possible to sleep peacefully.