Home insurance – what should you know?

Ubezpieczenie domu – co warto wiedzieć?

Home and home insurance is one of the basic types of insurance that everyone should have. Losing a house or some of its equipment is a huge cost that is not easy to rebuild on your own. Therefore, it is worth considering taking advantage of the home policy offer.

What can we insure?

The most important point to start looking for a good insurance offer is to think about what you really need to feel safe. Insurance offers are varied and extensive, so it is not difficult to choose the right one for you.

At the outset, it should be noted that there are no policies that would cover the entire home. Each insurance company offers packages that are designed for a specific client. Therefore, it is necessary to consider in advance which elements of the house we want to cover with the policy.

Fixed Items: This is basic insurance that covers the walls of the property or other items that are solid, such as windows, doors, tiles, and built-in closets.

Movable elements: they include all the equipment of a given property, such as electronic equipment, household appliances, furniture and personal belongings of the house’s inhabitants, such as clothes, books, sports and art accessories, and study materials.

Detached garage: an additional policy is required if the garage is not part of the main building. Separate insurance for a detached garage covers the building and all devices, appliances and tools that are in it.

Additional Buildings: This is insurance for buildings such as a shed, barn, or other outbuilding. It is a separate policy, tailored to the specific type of ancillary building.

Fence: In Poland it is not a popular insurance and not all insurance companies offer this type of policy, but it is worth considering if your home is surrounded by an expensive, decorated fence.

The basic scope of the policy

Each policy can be tailored to a specific customer, but there is a certain amount of basic coverage that is rather the same with home insurance . The basic policy covers events such as: fire, explosion of an installation, lightning strike, strong wind, flooding (not applicable to flooding), landslide, fall of a tree or structure (e.g. a mast), vehicle hitting or falling of an aircraft, and getting home smoke and soot in significant amounts.

The scope of this basic insurance can always be extended to cover also other events, such as flood, property devastation, burglary with theft, earthquake, flooding due to precipitation or separate insurance against damage in the garden.

Of course, each of the above-mentioned options increases the amount of the insurance premium. Sometimes the insurer requires that a given property be equipped with some additional elements, e.g. to obtain anti-burglary insurance, the client must first install an anti-burglary door with specific approvals or an alarm, or if you want to insure against flooding, you must first show that the area on which the house is located is not a flood plain. And this generates additional costs. Therefore, each decision should be carefully considered, although it is worth noting that the policy may be extended at any time.

Sum insured

Choosing the elements we want to insure is one thing, but on the other side is the amount we are entitled to for the occurrence of a given event. The sum insured is the amount covered by the policy and the estimated amount of compensation that the insurance company will pay. The amount of this amount is the most important point to focus on. If the value of the property is incorrectly estimated or underestimated, the compensation paid will not fully cover the losses.

Correctly estimating the value of your property and its furnishings is easier for new homes. Then it is enough to keep all bills and invoices. Thanks to them, it will be much easier to choose the amount of the sum insured. In the case of an old house, the value of which is difficult to estimate, it is worth using the services of an appraiser, and then compare its calculations with the calculations carried out by the insurer and choose the more favorable option for you.

Obviously, the greater the amount of compensation, the greater the contribution fee becomes. However, we should not save and underestimate the value of the property, because if there is damage, we will be a loss because the insurer will not pay more than what is stated in the contract.

One way to find out about different insurance offers is to use offer search and comparison programs. Another way is to collect your insurance preferences and send them to your chosen insurance company or multiagency insurance company . Based on our guidelines, the insurer will prepare an initial offer, which we will be able to negotiate later, at the meeting.