An unusual gift? Erotic lingerie

Nietuzinkowy prezent? Bielizna erotyczna

An unusual gift? Erotic lingerie. Underwear as a gift for a girl is quite a troublesome matter. And it’s not about its size, although finding the perfect size lingerie is a difficult task, especially for men who often do not know the sizes or styles of bras. Erotic lingerie, as well as more subdued, elegant lingerie, has many variants, decorations and is made of various materials. It is not easy to buy a set that will suit a given woman. The opportunity itself may also be a problem. It is not always appropriate to give underwear as a gift. Not every woman considers it appropriate to receive underwear from a man. What to look for? When does a guy buy a woman’s underwear? A few notes and tips below.

Erotic lingerie as a gift – when is it appropriate?

If a man wants to give his partner underwear as a gift, he should first consider what stage their relationship is at. If it is a relatively young relationship that lasts two or three months and only the couple learns their preferences, erotic lingerie can be perceived as a faux-pas. However, this does not mean that you cannot buy this type of underwear at the beginning of a relationship. The most important thing to remember is that it should be more subdued, in an interesting color, elegant cut, but without fancy elements referring to eroticism. A typical set: a bra and panties should not offend any woman. However, this should not be the first gift a woman will receive from a man. This can create contradictory feelings for her.

In the case of a long-term relationship, this type of gift, even more provocative, should appeal to the girl. It is only worth remembering to find out in advance what your partner would like to wear. It’s not an easy task, but a little creativity can help you get the information you want. You shouldn’t buy underwear as a gift for a friend or relative. It is not welcomed. These types of gifts are reserved for couples.

Erotic lingerie – for what occasion?

If a man has decided to buy exclusive underwear for his partner, it is worth highlighting several occasions for which this type of gift is suitable. The first date that most people will probably think about is Valentine’s Day. The Valentine’s Day is the perfect moment to invite your partner to a restaurant, spend a nice time and give her a set of underwear. Then it is worth buying lace underwear in red or black, along with stockings and stripes.

The sensual set will be a perfect match for the lovers’ holiday. The second date is the partner’s birthday. In the event of a birthday, it is worth giving the chosen one more universal but elegant lingerie. The best is underwear that will be nice and comfortable so that it fits both an evening dress and a regular sweater. To find the right model, it’s worth checking what the girl has in her wardrobe. If she likes classic, closed bras and briefs, you can buy her this type of underwear.

In the case of a birthday, you can also bet on something colorful or decorated with some funny motive, e.g. a character from your partner’s favorite fairy tale. This type of underwear is currently very popular, so finding it shouldn’t be a problem. At the very end, anniversaries should be highlighted. Relationship anniversaries are a perfect occasion to donate underwear. Exclusive erotic lingerie , e.g. in the form of a lace, transparent nightgown or a corset, can increase the partner’s self-esteem and make her feel attractive. It is also worth mentioning that you should rather not give extravagant underwear as a Christmas present. Due to the fact that children or family members are often present when giving gifts, some women may feel extremely uncomfortable with such a gift.

How to choose the size of underwear?

While choosing the size of panties is not difficult and few men will have a problem with it, in the case of a bra, the matter is much more complicated. A badly chosen bra will certainly not become a favorite part of a woman’s wardrobe. The problem becomes even greater when a man wants to buy a custom bra. The best solution is to carefully measure your partner’s favorite bra (every woman has her favorite bra that she wears every day).

Measure the width of the bottom strap (including the fasteners), the width of the cups and check the size on the label. In the lingerie store, we can show the dimensions of the seller’s bra and ask for help in choosing.If, despite this, it is still difficult to choose the right size (or your partner cuts off the labels), it is worth taking one of your partner’s bras with you and showing it in the store. That should fix all your problems. In order for your partner not to notice the lack of a bra, you should go to the store when she is away from home, e.g. at work or at a meeting with a friend.