Accounting office – what does it do?

Biuro rachunkowe – czym się zajmuje?

An accounting office is an entity that provides its clients with services in the field of accounting, as well as keeping records, including payroll and HR. The accounting office is therefore a significant help for people whose company is too small to open a special accounting department and hire an accountant permanently.

Accounting office – how to start cooperation?

Before choosing the right accounting office, it is essential to consult with local entities providing services in this area. In some cities, especially larger ones, the choice can be really large, so it is worth asking your friends about recommended companies in advance. It’s also a good idea to check your opinion on the Internet.

It is good to choose an accounting office near the place of your business. In some cases, direct contact is advisable. You may find that your accountant will expect you to receive invoices and receipts in person each month. Increasingly, however, the accounting office focuses on modernity and the circulation of documents has, for example, an electronic form. In this case, everything is also a matter of the activities they conduct and, for example, the number of employees they employ. Sometimes the office offers a service of self-collection of documents from its clients.


Online accounting office – is it worth it?

Using an online accounting office is becoming more and more popular . In this way, the company can even have its headquarters on the other side of the country – not a problem. Online accounting is usually much cheaper than traditional accounting, because there are not many costs generated then. Such an accounting office also has a lot of automated processes, and software is used to keep accounting. This solution is cheaper and often more convenient. Young entrepreneurs use it more often, most often those who work in liberal professions and their accounting matters are not too complicated. For such a business owner, an online accounting office is a solution that saves a lot of time, is simple and transparent.

What exactly does an accounting office do?

In the case of most entrepreneurs, the operation of an accounting office is related to keeping a book of revenues and expenses (or other method of accounting for the tax due). As a result of the current changes, the accounting office also deals with the Standard Audit File, including JPK_VAT. The scope of activities of the company providing accounting services also includes, among others, keeping a flat-rate register, keeping records for VAT purposes and preparing relevant declarations in this regard. An important element is also keeping records of fixed assets and company equipment. As part of its activities, the accounting office also proposes to prepare client’s tax settlements.

A separate department of the accounting office there is concern for HR and payroll services. Their scope includes drafting contracts: employment, orders and specific specific contracts, as well as preparing payrolls and bills based on, for example, employee attendance lists. A qualified accounting office is responsible for conducting settlements with the Social Insurance Institution and the Tax Office, and for direct contact with these institutions in case of doubt. Employees also help in keeping full HR documentation and personal files. It should be remembered that in accordance with the applicable provisions of the GDPR, the activity of accounting offices to which the data of employees is entrusted must be strictly regulated and the office must sign an appropriate contract for entrusting the processing of personal data.

The accounting office, provided it receives the appropriate power of attorney, also represents the company before offices such as ZUS and the tax office. This applies to a situation when some documentation needs to be supplemented with additional data and it is necessary to go directly to the office. Providing a power of attorney for an accounting office is also convenient in the event of an audit. Then the entrepreneur does not have to deal with it on his own, and all documentation is reviewed in the accounting office. This gives you an extra sense of security. The business owner can take care of his own affairs and be less interested in formalities.

Before signing a contract with an accounting office, often for many years, pay attention to its wording. The scope of services may vary and this also affects the price of the service. In this case, the settlement is usually monthly and depends on the number of invoices issued. Sometimes you can arrange a flat-rate service for your enterprise. It all depends on the arrangements.

An accounting office is certainly an indispensable element of running your own business. Rarely any entrepreneur decides to deal with his own accounting on his own. The regulations change very often, there are many documents necessary to submit, therefore the best solution in this situation is to use the experience of people who deal with accounting professionally and are up to date with all information.

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