A little relaxation with a bongo

Mały relaks z bongo
A little relaxation with a bongo. There are many ways to relax. Some read books, others go for long walks, and still others use such human inventions as bongo. A bongo store is a place that may be surprising, as few people probably expect that a regular bong can be presented in so many different forms.

What is a bongo?

Some people may call this device hookahs . They can be found in many places. A bong store usually has a different kind of assortment as well, but also one that can be used in a bong.

Now, even in small towns, when you stroll the streets, you can see a bongo on display in the windows. Sometimes it is for sale, and sometimes it just serves as an ornament. Its shape is a bit like a tall bottle, but it is often decorated in various ways, which gives it a unique character. It can take many different shapes because it all depends on how it is designed. Bongo’s prices range from several dozen to even several thousand zlotys. There are people who are willing to pay a higher price because they are passionate, collectors, or simply care about the best quality. Bongo can be a very good decoration at home, bong stores will certainly be equipped with something that will look great, especially in a stylized apartment, for a bit more exotic.

The basic functions of a bong include smoke filtration with steam. Thanks to this, all toxins are removed from the substance. The water vapor cleans the smoke and so you can get rid of the ingredients that have negative effects on the body.

If someone really cares about quality and wants to use bong often, he should buy a slightly better quality device, which is equipped with a diffuser and perculator. Thanks to this, the smoke is even better cleaned, and probably everyone is aware that chemical compounds will always find a way to get through the filtration, so it is good to take care of additional filtration.

Bongo is used to smoke all kinds of herbs, which are placed in the right place and then the smoke is inhaled. There is nothing difficult about it. Even if someone does not know how to use it, as soon as they see what this equipment looks like, they will remember everything. Bongo has appeared quite often in movies, especially American comedies, and you could see how it is used there. In addition, the seller in the bongo store will also give instructions on how to use it.

Smoke and irritation

Due to the fact that the bong is smoked with water, it slightly lowers the temperature of the smoke, therefore the risk of burns to the respiratory tract is relatively low. Of course, you always have to be careful, but it is also probably valuable information for people who have struggled with irritations so far.

How often do you clean a bong?

In a bongo store, the seller will certainly advise you if he has any idea about this device. If not, it’s time to remember that the bong should be cleaned after each use. The water change should also not be forgotten. When toxins accumulate in the bong, the basic function of this device will be disrupted and it will do more harm than help.

Is it legal?

If it is sold in stores, of course it is. However, in our country there is a certain stereotype that people who use bongs are usually drug addicts. This is completely wrong thinking and must be rejected. In general, bongo is used to smoke many herbs, and no one has said that it is only for drugs. Therefore, if someone is afraid that the police will suddenly come to his house, it is better to leave these fanciful thoughts behind. Nothing like this can happen to anyone, because nothing bad comes from the fact of having and using a bong.

How to use a bongo?

First, pour water into it through the mouthpiece. It should reach 2/3 of the length of the stem. The water temperature should be selected according to your preferences. If someone does not know yet what is right for him, let it be room temperature. If a device with additional diffusers has been selected in a bong store, it must also be filled with water. Now it’s time to put the bowl into the bong and perform a test puff. If you feel a bubble hitting your mouth, pour off some water, otherwise you can enjoy smoking.

Relax and fun

Bongo is something that can really loosen up a lot. Since you can get rid of toxins from your favorite substances so much and smoke them with a bongo, why not make it a small home ritual? Smoking a bong relaxes you and allows you to focus on yourself for a while. Although these devices are usually associated with parties and crowds of people taking a puff of it, it doesn’t mean that you can’t relax alone. Just sit back comfortably and enjoy this wonderful feeling.